Love Island: The Hair Lowdown

by Rachel Weinhold
If, like us here at Spectrum One, you’ve been watching Love Island, then you no doubt will have noticed something that’s leaving most of us pretty baffled. How the hell do the girls stay looking so good in 30-40 degree heat? Their make-up’s perfect, sweat is non-existent and their hair is free of frizz and looking lush. That’s got to be magic, hasn’t it?! Though, that’s not to say there haven’t been a few beauty mishaps, particularly when it comes to hair and extensions. Admittedly, they may have been subtle and, to be honest, we forgive them, especially as they look so flawless the rest of the time (and also because, if it was us, we’d look like Scarlett Moffatt after several weeks in the I’m A Celebrity jungle…you know what we mean?!) But that doesn’t mean that some really basic hair blunders haven’t been made, and by people who really should know better. That’s why, to make sure you would avoid making the same mistakes if you were ever to head into the villa (we’re sure there’ll be another season so you never know!), here are our top tips to keep your extensions looking their best, inspired by the girls themselves.

Jessica’s Extension Nightmare

It was easy to spot Jessica Shears’ extension mishap when it graced our TV screens. In fact, fans weren’t hesitant to point out the disaster, heading to Twitter with pictures and comments! If you did miss it, here’s what happened… Jessica parted her hair into two cute French plaits – a popular hair style at the moment and great for hot weather. Fair play you might think; that’s both practical and pretty. But, Jessica didn’t consider was the fact that her extension bonds would be very, very much on show on the back of her head. It was messy! Definitely not a look you’d want to be going for. happy couple on a beach girl has hair extensions So, what do you do? Well, unfortunately it’s going to be hard to have a hairstyle like that with extensions, particularly if they’re bonded or glued in. Clip-ins may be easier to style into plaits, but it’s still going to be a bit of a challenge to keep everything nicely tucked away. Instead, work on styles that you can do. Simple, low ponytails or top-knots can work well and keep those bonds hidden. If you do know in advance that you’ll be wanting to put your hair up whilst wearing our extensions, it’s a great idea to ask us which styles will work best and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Olivia’s Anti-Frizz Secrets

The fact that the girls’ hair looked so luscious and frizz-free in humid, hot weather told us that they were definitely putting in some extra time to keep those locks tamed! Olivia spilled the beans on how they – or she at least – do it. She said…
‘Use a heat protecting spray and then a flat iron, you can’t really go wrong. And then use a really, really good serum.’
There you have it! It’s not exactly magic, but it just shows that it’s worth taking that little bit of extra time to care for your hair. After all, your extensions should be getting exactly the same treatment as the rest of your locks, particularly as ours at Spectrum One are made of real human hair. Holiday Hair, Summer Holiday Hair, Holiday Hair Care, Summer Hair Care, Summer Holiday Hair Care, Long Hair Extensions, Long Hair Extensions Care, Hair Extensions Summer Care, Hair Extensions Holiday Care, Real Hair Extensions Care, Hair Care TipsIn terms of which products to use, we’ll be happy to advise you on the best product for your particular type of hair.

Chloe’s Pink Fury

Chloe Crowhurst was not a happy bunny when she left the villa with pink-toned extensions (or left the villa at all, really!). You may have noticed the colour seeping into the ends of her blonde extensions, and Chloe herself tweeted this little comment when she was back at home…
‘Soooo excited to get my hair done today! Did anyone notice my hair turnt pink in the villa.’
Why did that happen? Well, our best guess is the chlorine in that beautiful pool combined with the strong sun. Both can be an absolute pain for stripping hair and extension dye, leaving brassy, orangey or, in Chloe’s case, pink tones seeping in. No one wants that! To combat the problem, we recommend using a good hair SPF that’ll keep you colour protected from the sun’s rays and the pool’s chlorine. You can also use colour protect shampoos for a little boost and, depending on what colour you’re getting, products such as silver shampoo can battle unwanted undertones too.

Get In Touch

Well, there you have it – our run down on getting gorgeous hair in the Love Island villa! And don’t forget, you can also use these tips if you’re going on holiday or even just want to be cautious whilst in the UK. Temperatures may not reach the dizzying heights of Majorca, but it can still get pretty toasty and humid over here! Looking after your hair and extensions should be a number 1 priority if you want to look glam 24/7. If you have any questions about holidaying with our fabulous hair extensions or would like to know how to battle any extension disasters, just drop us a quick email and one of our friendly team will be sure to help you out!