Frequently Asked Questions

Please find our frequently asked questions below. If there is anything we haven’t covered please do not hesitate to email us on

Orders are placed online through our website. We do not take phone orders. You don't have to have an account to order with us but professional hairdressers can open a Trade Account to access extra products.

Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm - if you order before 3pm Monday - Thursday you will receive your order the next day before 1pm. If you order after 3pm Thursday you will receive your parcel on Monday before 1pm.

Royal Mail Saturday Special Delivery - if you order before 3pm on Friday and select this option you will receive your order the next day before 1pm.

Royal Mail Tracked 48 - usually delivered within 2-3 working days from dispatch. Tracked 48 has a delivery aim of two days for over 94% of Royal Mail postcodes.

Collection: You can order for collection from our salon in Haslingden. Orders are ready for same day collection Monday - Friday if ordered before 4:30pm. Any orders made over the weekend will be ready to collect from the following Monday from 9:30am.

If your order hasn't been dispatched most of the time we can amend/ cancel it for you. However, in some cases we may not be able to if it has already left our warehouse. You can return the order to us once received to then order the correct product or to get a refund.

Please check your tracking for any order delivery updates. You will get an email with your tracking number on once it has been fulfilled by us. If you can't find your tracking number please check your junk box too.

If you are still struggling please email: with your name and order number for help.

When you have completed your order and the order has been fulfilled by our team a tracking number will be sent to your email. If this isn't in your main inbox it could have mistakenly gone to your junk/spam box.

If you still can't find your tracking number email and the team will be able to help you!

We like to triple check our orders before they are sent out to avoid any errors but sometimes our team makes mistakes! Make sure to double check your package and if you are still missing a product please contact us and one of our team will get this sorted for you.

You must use only PROFESSIONAL products on your hair extensions & these must be sulphate and paraben free. These must also be from a colour and moisture range. No damage, volume and repair ranges

Here are a few Shampoo’s & Conditioners we recommend:

Nine Yards – We recommend using the moisture range in this range. We do have this available on our website.

Joico - Moisture Range e.g. Hydrasplash.

Alterna - Caviar Moisture.

O&M - Maintain The Mane.

INNOluxe - Saved and Platinum range.

Neal & Wolf - HYDRATE range.

We do not recommend using shop bought brands such Tresemme.

Within the Olaplex brand you can use the Olaplex Number 3 treatment but we do not recommend to use their shampoo and conditioner as the protein content is too high which causes damage to the extensions.

Some products contain too many natural ingredients which have too much protein in - causing the hair too shed, discolour and dry out. Ensure the products don't contain alcohol and are sulphate and paraben free.

For anymore information or to check which products you can or can’t use please ring us on 01706 551770, email or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.

Spectrum One Hair Extensions last at LEAST 9 months with the CORRECT aftercare. The correct aftercare is explained in our Do's and Don'ts which are sent out in every order placed. You must use a PROFESSIONAL hair care range on your Spectrum One Hair we recommend a moisture or hydrate range such as Nine Yards Moisture, Joico Hydrasplash, Neal & Wolf HYDRATE, INNOluxe. Never use a repair, moisture, natural/raw range on your hair extensions as they usually contain high levels of protein which are not good for hair extensions.

Yes! All of our hair is double drawn - meaning all extensions are the same thickness from root to tip, they are cuticle correct and are 100% Human Hair of the highest quality.

Yes, all of our hair is 100% human Remy, hair and has been ethically sourced. No artificial or animal hair is used in our extensions meaning they are natural to look and feel as well as long-lasting. Our hair is Remy hair which means the cuticles of the hair are still intact, facing in the same direction.

We do not recommend swimming with Spectrum Tapes. When swimming with weft or I-Tip hair we always advise to cover the hair in conditioner prior to protect the hair from chlorine damage. Always wash and dry hair immediately after swimming never leave your bonds wet for a period of time.

Never apply home dyes to your hair extensions.

If you do want to colour your hair extensions any colouring or toning should be carried out by a professional. Never use anything over a 4% when colouring, never apply a permanent colour to the extensions. Ensure all colour is thoroughly rinsed and treatment applied afterwards. Never bleach or high lift tint extensions and do not apply any colour or products to the tip of the hair. Please note if extensions are toned or coloured they are no longer covered under Spectrum One’s guarantee policy.

Yes, hair can be worn up but we do not recommend to wear hair too tight. Tying the hair too tight can damage the bonds and lead to pulling the extensions out. Tight ponytails are also not good for your natural hair as the stress from traction can cause hair loss.

We recommend to wear hair in a mid to low pony tail or plait. Always sleep with your hair in a loose side plait to protect the hair.

No, there is no heat, fusion or damage to your own hair with Spectrum One Hair Extensions. Providing your stylist is a Spectrum One Qualified stylist and all aftercare steps are followed there shouldn't be any damage. Hair should never be left in longer than recommended as this will cause damage to your own hair. So make sure to get in for your refits at the recommended time!

Yes you can use heat tools on the hair extensions but you MUST use a good heat protector beforehand. We recommend blow-drying your hair on a medium heat and using a cool heat on the top of the bonds. When using curling / straightening tools the temperature must be 180 degrees or lower.

The packs you need depend on what you want! If you are wanting to just add thickness to your hair we would say 1-2 packs of our Tape, I-Tip and Nano hair extensions or 1-2 packs of 50gram weft will do this. For adding length and thickness to your hair we usually say:

4-5 packs for tapes

4-6 packs for Nanos or I-Tips.

3-4 packs of 50gram wefts.

This all depends on your own hair thickness so we would recommend talking to your hair stylist about how many packs/ grams you need!

All aftercare is set out on our dos and don'ts sheets which you can find on the aftercare tab on our website.

But overall to care for your hair the best you need:

- A professional shampoo & conditioner (paraben and sulphate free, a moisture or hydrate range)

- A good heat protector.

- A good oil to keep your hair extensions hydrated.

- A mask to apply once a week.

- A leave-in conditioner.

You can find some recommended products in the FAQs. If you want to ask for some more recommendations please just ask! You can easily ask us a question via DM on our Instagram Page.

Looking after your hair on holiday is super important. When going abroad there are factors that can cause problems for your extensions such as chlorine, salt water, suncream, hardwater, UV Rays.

Make sure to take a Malibu C hardwater wellness kit on holiday with you to protect your hair from the hard water when washing it & also from the suncream. Make sure to keep your hair tied up and out of the way of suncream and pool or sea water. You can purchase one here.

Yes you can use purple shampoo on the hair extensions but if left on too long they can turn the extensions purple.

We recommend Fudge Purple Shampoo, INNOluxe platinum, Nine Yards purple shampoo.

Feel free to message us and check that yours is ok for use on extensions! DM us the name of the brand and product on Instagram for a quick reply!

Colour fade can happen, just like on our natural hair pigments fade overtime! We book in to have our own hair coloured or for a refresh and sometimes the hair extensions need the same! This is not a fault with the hair just a natural process that can't be avoided.

Hair extensions colour can fade due to many factors such as heat on the hair, products that are used. If you feel like your colour has faded quite a lot compared to your new freshly coloured natural hair your professional hair stylist can always colour or tone the hair. Check the FAQ above about colouring for more information!

We are sorry to know you feel your item may be faulty! Please see our returns page to find out what to do next.

Hair discolouration is not a manufacturing fault and can occur due to numerous factors and we have listed some below:

Chlorine - Chlorine content in water will damage hair extensions, causing matting, discolouration and will affect the quality. We do not recommend going swimming at all.

UV rays - UV rays can cause discolouration to your hair extensions as well as dry them out, therefore we advise wearing a hat in the sun to reduce exposure to strong UV rays.

Heat - Excessive heat from styling tools will change the colour pigment of the hair. Please do not go over the maximum recommended temperature that can be used on hair extensions which is 180 degrees. Using excessive heat can cause extensions to discolour. This is most common in blonde hair and the damage cannot be repaired.

Please always use a good heat protector and keep the temperature on tools low.

Products/Cosmetics- Products such as sun creams, perfumes, moisturisers, and other cosmetics can affect the colour of your hair extensions. You must avoid your hair extensions when applying these products and even after they have dried avoid contact with them.

Hard Water - If your hair extensions turn dull, dry or the colour fades/or goes a pinkie orange colour when you wash them. This is due to the water in certain areas containing a higher level of alkaline (hard water). We recommend installing a filtered shower head to prevent discolouration from hard water if you are in one of those areas.

Iron content - The iron content in the water varies depending on where you live. In certain areas, if you wash your hair extensions in the shower, the iron levels may cause your hair extensions to turn pink or orange in tone (this is more apparent in blonde hair extension). If possible, try to use bottled water to avoid this.

Hot water - Hot water can cause colour to fade. Due to the heat of the water, the cuticles will open, and the colour will drain out of the hair shaft. To prevent this, we advise washing your hair extensions using lukewarm water.

We recommend using the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness kit for reversing the effects of hard water on the hair.

Each pack of hair will never be identical. The characteristics of raw human hair colour can vary from batch to batch. We allow a 1/2 shade difference on the colour to the colour ring because of this.

You can input your discount code at the checkout.

Not everyone is suitable for hair extensions.

We recommend that all hair extensions are applied by a professional hair dresser or extensionist. and that a consolation on the chosen method is fully discussed.

Common Issues

Please read the list below of common issues people have with their hair extensions & how to stop this from happening to yours!

Like your natural hair, hair extensions can experience shedding.

If your I-Tip extensions appear white or cloudy at the bond, something has been applied that’s high in alcohol, oil or sulfate to disintegrate the bond. You will need to have the extensions removed, re-tipped and reapplied.

If the bond has been cut, this can cause shedding due to the weight of the bond being altered.

If the extensions are shedding from a weft this would be due to the weft being cut along the ribbon - if the ribbon is cut it must be sewn back together. There are three spines which must be sewn to secure it. If these are not sewn correctly the weft will shed

Breaking/ snapping is often confused with shedding. Breakage or snapping can occur when excessive heat has been applied to the hair extensions.

Heat damages the protective outer layer of the hair known as the ‘cuticle’. Once the cuticle is damaged, the hair will start to break/snap through the mid-lengths and ends. This damage cannot be repaired and you will need to replace your hair extensions.

Knotting is not a manufacturing fault. Knotting can happen as hair extensions are a raw product and they will act just as our own natural hair does.

However, excessive knotting can happen due to poor maintenance and incorrect aftercare. Always make sure to rinse products off your hair thoroughly and wash them as necessary. Not washing your hair enough can lead them to becoming dry and knotty as thee hair needs moisture.

Hair extensions are not attached to our scalp like our natural hair is - so they don't get all the natural oils and nutrients they need.

You must keep your hair nourished with the correct aftercare products e.g. a moisture range shampoo and conditioner, moisture treatments and using a good oil on the hair twice a day. Not washing your hair enough can lead to hair becoming dry along with not using the correct products.

If you want help with product choice please feel free to get in touch with us!

Permanent tints, some semi-permanent tints, bleach, silver shampoos, and permanent wave lotions lift the hair cuticle to penetrate the hair shaft.

Use of these alters the hair and it will not not be as strong as it was previously (just like when colouring our own hair). Hair extensions that have been coloured can result in over processed hair due to the fact the extensions have already been coloured.

Please note: Spectrum One Hair Extensions do not guarantee any hair extensions which have been coloured and once coloured, they cannot be returned/ refunded or exchanged.