Go Real Or Go Home!

by Rachel Weinhold
If you know anything about Spectrum One hair extensions, you’ll know we don’t skimp on quality; in fact, it’s our number one priority. For far too many years we’ve seen girls walking around with terrible extensions that are so obvious it hurts, and we just couldn’t stand it any longer! We had to make an affordable, quality alternative. We knew before we even had the name for our extensions that we would never, ever, use synthetic hair. With years of experience and knowledge, we could see that going fake wasn’t the solution to the ‘bad extensions’ problem sweeping the nation. We were going to have to keep things 100% real. But why are we so into human hair extensions? Well, let us give you the low-down.

Dream Hair To Dye For

When it comes to gorgeous hair extensions, getting the colour right is absolutely essential. If your long locks have even a slight difference in tone, it’ll be incredibly obvious and make for a complete nightmare! Natural hair’s great ability to dye is just one of the reasons it out-shines synthetics every time. Real Hair, Hair Extensions, Dyed Hair Extensions, Real Hair Extensions When using our natural hair extensions, we can use the same dyeing process we would on the hair on your head, getting it exactly as you want it. But with synthetics, we’re kind of stuck with what we have. Synthetic extensions can’t be dyed so what you see on those sample boards is exactly what you’re going to get and the chances of that matching your natural hair… well, you see what we mean. At Spectrum One, we can colour match your extensions even if you order online! Just send us a selfie of your hair colour and we’ll get the job done so you don’t have to. It also gives you more freedom when it comes to adding highlights or lowlights – you’re spoilt for choice! Not only does natural hair give you far more colour choice and better colour matching, it also holds the dye for far longer than synthetic. So, for girls tired of constantly needing to buy new hair, changing to real really can solve all your problems.

Add Natural Volume

The ultimate ‘no’ for hair extensions is anything that looks un-natural. We just don’t have time for that! We want to give you a look so real you can compete with the Kardashians – because if you think all that hair is natural then you’re very much mistaken! But it looks so natural, doesn’t it? This is why we only use double drawn hair extensions, which we spoke about briefly in our last blog post. Double drawn hair extensions only use hair where each individual strand is the same length – yes, it’s as fiddly as it sounds! But it’s definitely worth it for the end result. By giving you extensions that are completely even in length, you get uninterrupted volume that looks both natural and super glamorous. It also helps to prevent that choppy look that cheap, badly inserted extensions are bound to give. Real Hair, Hair Extensions, Dyed Hair Extensions, Real Hair Extensions This really makes the difference between ordinary and professional and is one of the reasons our clients come back to us time and time again!

Style with Ease

If you’re a woman of many different looks, you’ll definitely want to use human hair extensions. You just can’t get the same versatility with synthetic! This is because synthetic hair can’t really handle heat without melting or becoming irreversibly damaged, which means you’ll have to put away the curlers and hide those straighteners! And for girls in a rush, we’re also afraid to say no hair-dryers allowed for synthetic. In comparison, you can style and care for your natural hair extensions just as you would the rest of your hair. You don’t have to struggle getting used to synthetics and can curl, straighten and blow-dry to your heart’s content! We can’t imagine having only one hair style on every single day of the week and we’re sure you can’t either, which is why we always opt for natural.

Blended Beauty

It’s kind of easy to see why natural hair is going to blend better than synthetics. Real or plastic – which do you think will be less obvious? Spectrum One Hair, Spectrum Hair, Spectrum Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions, Long Hair Extensions, Real Hair Extensions, Real Hair Hair Extensions, Real Hair Long Extensions, Buy Hair Extensions Online, Hair Extensions Online, Buy Hair Online, Hair Extensions Rossendale, Hair Extensions Lancashire. By using natural hair, you’re going to make it far harder for people to tell that your locks are a lot shorter in reality than they look! Even when you to touch it, you really can’t tell the difference. Our expert stylists are also trained on how to insert the extensions so that everything’s nicely hidden, giving you the discreet length every girl dreams of.

What’s the Budget?

But we know what you’re thinking; what price do all these benefits come at? Surely it’s going to be way out of my budget! Well, actually, no. At Spectrum One Hair, we could’ve created and marketed a quality extension that cost the earth, but we wanted to make our product available to women just like us. Of course, we do get the odd celebrity coming in now and again, but that’s just because our extensions are so good! By sourcing quality hair from around the globe and taking our time to find the gentlest and most effective dyes and treatments, we were able to balance quality and cost without compromising on our product. Just give it a try, you genuinely won’t believe how natural your new hair looks! Real Hair, Hair Extensions, Dyed Hair Extensions, Real Hair Extensions And don’t just take our word for it either; for more evidence of why real hair is always best, just check out our gallery of client selfies!

Get In Touch

If you’d like to learn more about our quality hair extensions, or if you have any questions regarding our products, then please do just drop us an email and get chatting with one of our friendly team. We’re always happy to help! You can contact us in any of the usual ways; by email on sales@spectrumonehair.com, by phone on 01706 551770, or why not pop in to the salon at 55 Deardengate, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 5QN.