Keeping Your Party Hair On Point This Christmas

by Elicia McManus

It seems like we have been saying this for weeks now, but Christmas really is here! Maybe it’s just because it kind of feels like party season and Christmas start somewhere around mid-November now! Now, if you are anything like us you probably end up having a few late nights and crazy last minute outings over the holidays, which is all fun and games – until your hair starts acting up. Who wants to look back at Christmas 2017 photos and see bad hair? Not us, and neither do you, so here are five top tips to keep your hair or hair extensions looking on point over the party season.

Keep Hair Extensions Looking Sleek With The Right Brush

However tempting it is to borrow your mates brush to tame your mane – don’t do it! (unless she has the right brush of course, in which case – as you were!). Using the wrong sort of brush on hair extensions is a sure fire way of wrecking your hair this Christmas! Use brushes specifically designed for hair extensions to keep you looking sleek and remember to pop your brush in your bag before you go out. 

Give Lifeless Locks a Drink (not Prosecco!)

Yes, we know you need a drink – but what about your hair?! Thirsty hair is unhappy hair, so give it what it wants and keep it hydrated. Late nights and cold weather can all contribute to sad looking, dry hair at this time of year so it’s important to keep it moisturised and protected. That way your hair will look fab the entire holiday season. 

Use Cute Accessories to Change It Up

If you have a signature hairstyle that you like to stick to, that’s fine but adding an accessory can really let people know you are here to party! It’s nice to have something a little different at Christmas time, especially if you are going to a fancy dinner or your work annual shindig. Adding something as simple as a headband or a black ribbon to a low pony can will make peoples head turn at how fabulous and festive you are looking! Take a look at this blog post for some accessory inspiration!

Meet Your New Best Friend – Dry Shampoo

We may have introduced you before?! Dry shampoo is a serious life saver, especially over Christmas. Seriously, whoever invented dry shampoo is like the best inventor ever. Dry shampoo is a lifeline on hungover mornings, before the party, mid-party - whenever! If you haven't had time to wash your hair, or just need some serious boosting at the roots, spray dry shampoo through your hair whilst holding your head upside down. Brush the dry shampoo through to finish the look.

Practice Your Quick Party Hairstyles

It’s good to have a little repertoire of hairstyles that you can go to for evenings you need to look fabulous, so get practicing now! Some might take a little bit of time and patience to put together and others might be quick and easy. All good things to know so that your hair extensions look on point at each and every event this Christmas! If you do find yourself caught in a pinch this Christmas and need fast emergency hairstyles (yes that’s a thing), then take a look at our gorgeous up dos for long hair post from earlier this year. And remember – practice makes perfect!

Spectrum One Hair Salon

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