How Do I Braid My Hair Extensions?

by Rachel Weinhold
We’ve spoken quite a lot about how braids, and in particular middle parted braids, can be tricky to do with hair extensions. They’re often the worst culprit for revealing all those little bonds that you want to keep hidden, and can end up looking very messy. But, as with every style, there are always ways around the problem. Braids are such a cute hairstyle and great for all year round, so being able to wear them even with extensions is a dream! And the good news is that, if done properly, hair extensions can make your braids look even better too, because of the added length and volume. Here at Spectrum One Hair, we’re always helping girls to style their extensions, so we thought we should just go ahead and make a post to help you braid beautifully. Here’s everything you need to know.

Double Dutch Braids

If you want to get the double dutch braid look, you’re in luck! This is a very cute style and totally on trend right now. The first thing we will say is that for these centre parted styles, you will have to have your extensions put in to suit them. If you have our clip ins, you can easily adjust them, but if you have our bonds you’d have to let us know this is the style you want before we put them in. Easy Braids For Hair Extensions, Braids For Hair Extensions, Hair Extension Braids, Hair Extensions Plaits, Plaits for Hair Extensions If you’re clipping your own in, here’s how to position them. First, split your hair into two parts on either side, creating a centre parting across the whole of your head. Then, split each of those sides into two halves horizontally, so you have hair on the top and the bottom. Apply hair extensions to the bottom half of the hair. Then, pull down a little more from the top and apply another clip-in extension. Continue depending on the length of your hair, making sure you don’t get too close to the hairline and have enough hair left on top to cover any clips. For the braid, section each side of your hair into three pieces starting from the top, just as you would with a french braid. Then bring the outside pieces under the middle piece, in the same way as with a french braid you’d bring the outside pieces over the middle. Continue, adding hair as you go and working from the front to the back of your head and then plaiting normally the whole way down. Viola!

French Braid

You can do a French braid just the same as the above, but altering the method so that you bring each outside piece over the middle rather. However, if you have hair extension bonds and can’t change their position to suit the centre-parting, don’t worry! We have the solution. Long Hair Summer Trends, Long Hair, Long Hair Styles, Long Hair Ponytail, Long Hair Straight, Long Hair Plaits, Long Hair Braids, Long Hair Curls, Long Hair Loose Curls, Long Hair Products By doing one braid rather than two, you don’t have the parting that reveals the messy side to your glamorous extensions. Go in the same direction as a ponytail would, straight down the back of your head, but you can begin anywhere from the front to the base of your head. French braid as you normally would, making sure to get all your hair included.

Double Parting Braids

Remember, you don’t always have to have all your hair up to have braids! A great style that looks totally fabulous is double parting braids. This is when you give yourself a centre parting and have a small braid directly on each side, from the front to the crown of the head, but the rest of the hair is down. Easy Braids For Hair Extensions, Braids For Hair Extensions, Hair Extension Braids, Hair Extensions Plaits, Plaits for Hair Extensions To do this, section off two inches on either side of your parting across the top of your head. From the front at your hairline, take a little section and split it into three parts. Begin to french braid, picking up hair from the two inches you’ve separated. Work towards the back of the head. Once you reach the crown, continue to plait normally for the remaining length. Be careful not to section off too much hair so that your bonds show. This is a great one if most of your length is towards the bottom of your hair, or if you can change the position of your clip ins. For a total party look, add glitter to centre parting – and don’t forget to send us a snap of your result!

Extra Info

When braiding, be sure to be gentle so as not to pull out any bonds. Always brush your extensions before and after to make sure there aren’t any knots or tangles. Easy Braids For Hair Extensions, Braids For Hair Extensions, Hair Extension Braids, Hair Extensions Plaits, Plaits for Hair Extensions

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