Avoiding Hair Extension Horrors This Autumn

by Emily Grimshaw

It’s spooky season, and there are a few hair extension horrors that you’ll want to avoid this Halloween!

Here are a few of our top tips to keep your mane looking GORGEOUS. 



ALWAYS detangle your hair extensions before washing, as this will avoid
your hair becoming tangled. We love the Dr Knot PHD tangle teaser. A
wide tooth comb is also great for those long locks!




When washing your hair, never put your hair on the top of your head and scrub. You MUST be gentle, and instead wash your hair in circular movements on the side of your hair. This will help to ensure you don’t
disturb your extension application, and will keep them feeling secure. 
Check out our brand owner Katy showing you exactly how to wash your



The correct brush will not only keep your hair from unnecessary breakage
and needing replacement more frequently, but it will also help to keep your
natural hair in optimum condition too. Pulling at the root of your extensions with the incorrect brush can tug your extensions out, resulting in hair loss, thinning and damage to the root. 



After washing your hair, always make sure to use a heat protection spray
and oil on the ends of your hair. The heat protection spray will help to
protect your luscious extensions, whilst the oil will help to keep your locks looking healthy. Don’t forget that your extensions won’t create any of their own natural hair oil, so it’s important that you give them a little helping hand! We love R&Co 'Mood swing' heat protect and TAOH Oil.



Minimise heat damage by using the right hair styling products and turn
down the heat on your styling tools to avoid hair from burning or

So here you have it- some of our top tips for keeping your hair extensions looking fabulous in our Great British Autumn weather. For more tips and
help please visit our Aftercare section on our website! x