Hair Extension Styling and Care for Christmas Party Season

by Elicia McManus
We’re gearing up at the Spectrum One salon for our busiest time of year, Christmas. The next few weeks are going to be totally crazy and we’re going to be doing hair extensions like mad things, but we love every minute of it! helping all you babes get ready for the party season really is one of the highlights of our year. With so many parties, dinner dates and catching up with old friends, is there any wonder that you all want your hair looking absolutely magical at this time of year?! Christmas is about making memories…but who wants their memories to involve bad hair? Not us! Because we care about you too, we’ve put together some hair extension styling and care tips to help keep you looking amazing throughout the party season. Happy Christmas!

Prepping Hair For Party Season

So the big night is here and you’ve hopefully left plenty of time to get ready! Part of that is making sure your extensions are on fleek and looking their best. To save time, you could actually do a little hair maintenance the night or day before your Christmas event. Here are our top tips for getting those hair extensions looking fab.

Christmas Party Hair Step 1 You want your hair to be feeling and smelling super fresh, so start your routine with a good shampoo and conditioner. 

Christmas Party Hair Step 2 With your hair washed, it’s now the perfect time to pop on a deep conditioner. Best done when you have some time to relax and let the nutrients do their magic (maybe whilst binging Netflix and eating a mince pie?!) Marine botanicals provide deep hydration for restoration of hair health and elasticity. A moisturising (Christmas) miracle!

Christmas Party Hair Step 3
With your hair extensions now prepped and moisturised, its time to get stylin! We don’t recommend you let hair extensions air dry, as leaving bonds damp may cause issues. If you really want to air dry your hair, at least dry the roots and then let the rest dry naturally. With your hair dry or partially dry, it’s time to start thinking about what style to go for….

Styling Hair Extensions for the Party Season

We think there are two good options for the perfect party look, curly and up, or down and curly! Whichever you choose, make it curly! Big bouncy curls add a fun, festive look and are great for a different look if you normally wear your hair

extensions smooth and straight. Just remember when going for a curly style not to style your curls too tight. Small, tight curls can look dated and ageing. The aim is medium and large bouncy curls. Whether you wear hair up or down, you’re going to need the right tools to help you achieve a curly look.unique L shaped handle.

If curly hair isn’t taking your fancy, or you know you are going to be short on preparation time, take a peek at our previous post on quick styles for long hair.

Spectrum One

We think we already mentioned how crazy busy we are in the salon in the run up to Christmas, but fear not – we still have some appointments left! Whatever your hair needs – hair extension refit, styling or colour, we would be more than happy to get you ready for the party season. Just get in quick before our Lancashire salon gets too busy! Give us a call on 01706 551770 or email