3 Autumn/Winter Hair Accessories for Long Hair Extensions

by Elicia McManus
We all love to wear our long hair extensions flowing and natural, but when autumn and winter roll around we also love to bring in some hair accessories. Some may avoid hair accessories as they bring back memories of awful 90’s styles (anyone remember butterfly clips?!) or are thought of as being for kids. We say fear not! The hair accessory is back in a big way and can look grown up and on trend! You just need to know what to avoid and what the seasons best trends are. We have kept our peepers on the catwalk to bring you our top three ways to accessorise long hair.

Autumnal Headbands

Headbands aren’t just for kids! Styled properly, a headband can make a real statement and look super sophisticated. To avoid looking too cutesy, go for a messy up-do and use your hairband to add interest. One of the biggest headband trends for autumn and winter is gold. Go for burnished, antique looking golds – not full on shiny gold! A simple sleek gold headband will keep your long hair extensions looking neat, stylish and festive! Hair Extensions Lancashire specialists Spectrum One give tips on the best ways to accessorise long hair extensions. Flower crown headbands look like they are here to stay – usually a favourite in the summer, you can give your long hair a seasonal update with a flowered headband but with an autumnal twist. Go for warm coloured flowers and lush green foliage.

Black Ribbon Bows

The ‘it’ accessory of autumn/winter 2017 is a humble black bow or black ribbon. Spotted more than three times (apparently more than three times means something is a definite ‘trend’) on the catwalk, this chic style is here to stay. Seen in many catwalk shows, including Marchesa, Temperley and Emilia Wickstead, the black ribbon is one trend we will definitely be rocking in our hair extensions. Try sweeping you hair into a low pony and using a black ribbon to secure, or adding a black bow to a low bun.
Hair Extensions Lancashire specialists Spectrum One give tips on the best ways to accessorise long hair extensions. image via Vogue
Vogue are dubbing it the ‘date night pony tail’ but we can see it looking great for a night out or for keeping your hair neat in the office!

Dainty Pearls

Pearl accessories have long been a classic way to add interest to a hair style but look to be even bigger this winter. Pearls are often thought of as accessories for wedding hair, but we think they look great for any autumn or winter special occasions. Just remember to keep them small and use sparingly! Hair Extensions Lancashire specialists Spectrum One give tips on the best ways to accessorise long hair extensions. Our favourite way to wear pearls is as a finishing touch to accessorise an up-do. Long hair extensions can be styled into a chignon and then use individual pearls to add an almost fairy-tale look. Keeping the hair slightly ‘messy’ will keep it from looking too formal. This look is a winner for a smart Christmas party or dinner!

How to Avoid Hair Accessory Mishaps

Most of the trends we have spotted accessory up-dos. There are however a few precautions you should take when styling hair extensions – such as avoiding tight, scraped back styles. Bonds on show are never a great look! Read our previous blog post for tips on how to style hair extensions. It’s also a good idea to avoid any clips or accessories that pull on your hair in any way. Putting tension on your hair extensions isn’t a great idea – its why we love loose, slightly messy looking styles!

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