With the correct home care, Spectrum One Hair should last around 9-10 months*. Here are some tips and tricks to follow to keep your hair looking beautiful until your next rotation. Download your printable Do’s and Don’t Advice Sheet


•Brush your extensions to stop them from tangling.

•Use a PROFESSIONAL shampoo and conditioner which is paraben & sulphate free, a moisture or colour range is best. Avoid natural products as they contain too much protein, which is bad for extension maintenance. Any volume, repair or protein products are not suitable.

•When washing only apply conditioner to the ends and mid length of your extensions, avoid applying any conditioner to the root area.

•For best results leave conditioner in ends for 3-5 minutes and comb through to remove any tangles before rinsing thoroughly.

•Weekly treatments are recommended.

•Always wash your hair immediately after exercise.

•Dry your hair immediately after washing.

•Do not use dry shampoo on the tapes as it will cause them to loose stickiness.

•Wash your hair using vertical movements not circular or horizontal to avoid tangles.

•Apply leave in conditioner and heat protector before blow drying or using any heated tools.

•Apply oil to the ends of your hair twice a day.

•Sleep with your extensions in a loose side plait.

•Always brush your hair before washing to ensure there are no tangles.

•Hold your extensions at the root when brushing to avoid tension to the weft.

•Always wash your hair in the shower, never wash hair in the bath.

•Use a Malibu C Hardwater Wellness Kit to prevent any hair discolouration when in contact with suncreams, the sun and any hard water, well water and foreign water with high levels of copper. To stop discolouration, make sure your water is correctly filtered and maintained.

•Keep your hair clean! DO NOT allow your hair to get oily.

•Use a soft bristle Brush or tangle teaser to brush your hair, start at the ends of your hair and work your way up.

•If you colour the tapes, they will need re-taping before fitting.

•Please ensure that your stylist is a certified trained Spectrum One professional.


•Don’t leave your Spectrum One Tapes in for longer than 6 weeks (or the time advised by your certified stylist) beforerotation or removal as this will cause damage to your natural hair as well as your extensions.

•Don’t leave your extensions to dry naturally.

•Do not use dry shampoo on the tapes as it will cause them to slip.

•Don’t use styling tools or hair dryer without evenly applying heat protection all over your hair.

•Do not allow anyone but a Spectrum One certified professional adjust or rotate your extensions.

•Don’t expose your extensions to prolonged periods of sun.

•Do not let chlorine have any contact with hair, as it will cause discolouration. Do not go swimming. If you go on holidayand the country has hard water, you hair could turn an orange or pinky colour. This is not a Spectrum One hairextension fault but the hard water leaving a mineral build up and residue on top of the colour. Malibu C Hard WaterWellness Kit will remove this. Please not that it CAN be removed with no chemicals and causes no harm to you hair.

•Don’t allow your Spectrum One Extensions to come in to contact with sun creams/moisturizers/fake tans etc as theymay cause colour change.

•Don’t wash your own hair over the bath, as this will cause your hair to tangle.

•Don’t attempt to maintain or adjust your extensions yourself.

•Never blow-dry your hair upside down. Never blow-dry your hair on a high heat, always dry on a low – medium heat. Tapes will lose stickiness if left wet.

Extra Points .........................................
•Before your maintenance rotation book a consultation with your stylist so they can review and asses your hairextensions to see if any new hair is required or if there is anything to be adjusted before your rotation.


*9-10 months is the approximate life span of Spectrum One Hair providing all home care points are followed. Spectrum One will not accept any liability for damaged hair that has not followed the correct aftercare advice. If you have any more questions or concerns about our Spectrum One Weft Hair Extensions, simply get in touch with our team. We strive to make sure every customer is completely happy with their Spectrum One experience and are always more than happy to help!