The X-Factor Judges Show Us How to Style Hair Extensions

by Elicia McManus
Throughout the years, there have been a lot of X-Factor judges. We mean, it began in 2004 (we know, are you serious? Where does time go?!) so it’s not really surprising that they’ve been through their fair share of employees. It’s just like any other workplace – just with a few more celebs and everyone’s on TV every week. So, maybe a bit different from our jobs… With this number of judges and thirteen years on our screens, there have been whole lot of hairstyles. To be honest, the X-Factor judges are usually pretty good with their hair; it’s the clothes they wear that can cause some controversy. So, after so long, we thought we’d take a look at their* (*their stylists) skills at work, finding some of the best lengthy looks we’ve seen throughout the years for some hair extensions inspo.

Cheryl’s Classic Waves

Caviar Intense ShampooWhen it comes to styling extensions, Cheryl’s go-to look is absolutely perfect. The lass certainly knew what she was doing! The style we’re talking about is of course those famous, loose curls that she used to commonly rock on the judging panel. Glam, chic and pretty much effortless! The large, relaxed curls and plenty of volume make hiding extension clips and bonds super easy, with very little chance of anything showing through. The style also makes full use of the added length, volume and texture extensions can provide, giving a girl her money’s worth! Our extensions are perfect for holding curls and will keep a beautiful, healthy shine to ensure a glam look, just like Cheryl’s!

Nicole’s Ariana-Inspired Do

In a more recent look of 2016, Nicole left fans gushing over her hair, which many likened to the half-up-half-down look made famous by the industry’s little cherub, Ariana Grande. We’re pretty in love with it too! In fact, could this be a good style for our up-coming Rossendale Business Award night…? Again, the volume of this look makes it great for extensions, though you do have to be a little more careful to keep everything hidden when you’re putting that top section up. If you’re using clip-ins, secure the top section first before attaching your Spectrum One human hair extensions beneath the rest of your hair, so it’s properly hidden. If you’re getting yours put in at our salon and would love to recreate this style, just let us know and we’ll help you out. 

Caviar thick and Full Volume mousseRita Ora’s Top Knot

This style mixes the glamour of a natural, understated wave with the laid-back look of a top knot, and we’re totally obsessed! Easy to achieve and great for longer lengths (so make sure you’ve got your extensions, girls!), this style’s a winner for a simple day to night look. Rita Ora wore this to X-factor auditions and definitely caught everyone’s eye. The look features another half-up-half-down do, but this time with more hair up and tied into a tight top-knot high on the head, whilst the remaining hair follows one singular wave on each side. Gorgeous! To get Rita’s look, take the hair from just above your ears and upwards and tie into a very tight top-knot, making sure to smooth the hair down and keep it in place with hairspray. Cover any extension bonds or clips with the hair you’re tying up and check all angles with a mirror to avoid any peeking through. 

How Not to Style Hair Extensions

As often as the judges get their styles on-point, they’re not exempt from disasters. Back in 2015, Cheryl had every woman’s worst nightmare come true – being papped with your hair extensions fully visible. It makes us shiver just to think about it! Cheryl obviously hadn’t taken then time to glance in a good mirror that morning or her stylist had royally fudged up, but the bonds of her extensions were completely on-show near the top of her head. Not exactly glamorous! To avoid this kind of horror from happening to you, make sure you know how to put your Spectrum One quality hair extensions in properly. If you’re worried, our team will be more than happy to help you out and direct you to our useful tutorials – just ask! Or, you can come straight to our salon in Haslingden, Rossendale, and we’ll make sure we insert them correctly.