Why Is My Hair Turning Peachy / Pink & I’ve Not Been On Holiday?!

by Megan Winstanley

Why is my hair going a peachy/ pink colour and I’ve not been on holiday?!

Looking in the mirror and seeing that your beautiful hair extensions have become a peachy, pink colour can be a bit of a shock to the system! Some of you will have seen the love islands girl’s blonde hair extensions slowly turning pink/ orange during their time in the villa in the summer and wondered why.

Don’t worry we are here to tell you not to panic and explain to you why this has happened…
A chemical reaction is essentially the reason for the hair looking like it has changed colour. Unlike our natural hair, hair extensions are no longer connected to the scalp, so they don’t have natural oils feeding them which act as a protective layer, therefore, making them more exposed to damages and colour changes. Minerals are essentially clinging to the top layer of your hair extensions (they haven't just changed colour) and can be removed.


What factors contribute to my hair going pink/orange?


Let’s keep it simple and dumb down the science… when sun cream is absorbed into the hair and exposed to the UV light, the chemical reaction starts, Avobenzone and Octocrylene are the culprits in sun creams known to cause this chemical reaction.

Hard Water

Hard water has a higher level of minerals in which causes our colour to fade and hair extensions to turn pink/orange. This doesn’t happen to your natural hair because our scalp produces the necessary oils to counterbalance these minerals. But like we said above, hair extensions are not attached to the scalp, so these natural oils aren’t there to protect your hair extensions from the minerals. Washing your hair extensions repeatedly using this type of water will cause a mineral build up leading to pink hair while also making the hair dry leading to damage.

Most of our favourite holiday destinations have hard water and the chemical reaction process is sped up by sun exposure! It may be surprising to hear but there are also some places in the UK which have hard water! See the little graph below to see if you are living in one of those areas.

Sea water and Chlorine = damaged hair extensions

The sea and chlorine strip the hair extensions. Salt water dehydrates and strips the hairs pigmentation making them change colour. Chlorine keeps water clean, but damages your hair, stripping the colour and leaving your hair dry leading to breakage as well as discolouration.


Believe it or not but some perfumes have these ingredients and if sprayed on the hair can also turn your hair pink/orange so be sure to move your luscious locks out of the way when you’re spraying your perfumes.

How can I get the pink out of my hair?

Is the damage already done before seeing this blog? All you need is to purchase the Malibu C hard water sachets. Follow this link to buy your sachets:

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy Sachets – Spectrum One Hair

You need 1 sachet per 50grams of hair extensions so check how many packs you have in and order the amount needed.  

How can I prevent this from happening to my hair extensions?

  • Buy sun cream's that don't contain Avobenzone and Octocrylene.
  • Use Malibu C hard water shampoo and conditioner when on holiday or in an area of hard water.
  • Keep perfume away from the hair extensions.
  • See if you live in a hard water area or are travelling to one (UK and abroad!) – you may need to buy the Malibu C set for at home use or whilst away.
  • Don't get your hair wet when swimming.


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