Summer Hair Care...Extensions

by Emily Grimshaw

The sun is shining - and it’s time to protect your
extensions babe!

As you might know, suncream can stain clothes. But did you know that it can also
stain your hair extensions too?

Blonde extensions are particularly susceptible to discolouration, and can 'turn'
a salmon pink or orange colour - as seen on Love Island. Those with darker or
mixed tones locks may notice a slight warmer colour change, but the effect
is much more noticeable on blonde hair which has been subject to more

During the summer, you must use a sunscreen that does NOT contain
avobenzone. Avobenzone creates a chemical reaction with your extensions,
which turns them into a dirty looking colour.

The Solution

FEAR NOT! There is a solution. Unless any of the above are done in excess
(then and if so lets face probs shouldn't be wearing them). We stock
Malibu C; remedy sachets, which help to remove hard water deposits and
impurities - leaving hair instantly softer & shiner, and helping to eliminate
brashness, discolouration and damage. Also, daily use
of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner helps prevent
build up in the first place.

We might love summer, but our extensions don't.

Extensions do not like the summer months. Fact. Any mixture of suncream,
the sun, pool or seawater (an absolute no no) mixed with water from the bath/
shower abroad or in a hardware area in the UK can cause a reaction where the
minerals including iron or copper can cling to your hair. Some countries have
better filtration systems than others...if you can't drink it then it aint good for
your hair!

Copper found naturally in the ground and in homes containing copper
pipes in the UK cab cause discolouration and lack of manageability with
your extensions if correct aftercare is not followed.

As well as this, here are some top tips to keep your hair looking gorgeous when

1) Tie your hair up to avoid salty seas and chlorinated pools. It will also help
avoid the ends of your hair rubbing the sun tan lotion off your body, which
can change its colour.

2) Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat.

3) Don’t forget to invest in some sachets of Malibu! Follow the link below to
stock up for summer .

Head over to our instagram for any more help or advice on unwanted
salmon hair! x