Hot to Trot or Not? The Hair of Strictly Come Dancing

by Elicia McManus
Whilst the main reason we tune in to Strictly Come Dancing is of course to watch our favourite celebs prance across the stage – some gracefully, some... not – we can’t help but also spend a fair amount of the show commenting on the hairstyles. It is our job, after all! It’s what we’re interested in, so it makes sense that we’re going to keep an eye out for it. Over the years, we’ve seen just as many good and bad hairstyles as we have dancers. So, to treat you lovely guys and girls to some entertainment and style tips, we’ve put together a list of our favourites and those we’d rather forget. Enjoy!

Claudia’s New Fringe

Claudia Winkleman, co-host on the show, is often a point of conversation when it comes to style. She’s renowned for her classic heavy black fringe, smoky eye make-up and black clothes, so when she changed it up we were all pretty shocked! Viewers were left disturbed by the sudden change, particularly when it came to her fringe. Ditching the straight, block cut for something a bit more rough and shaggy, we can’t help but think she just forgot to get ready. We weren’t fans of the look! We’re all for trying something new, but in Claudia’s case we think she should probably stick with what she knows.

Ruth’s Longer Length

Ruth Langsford, the well-known British TV presenter, wowed on Strictly this season with a drastic style change in her hair. True, it was a wig, so it wasn’t a real change, but we think it totally should be! Hiding her short, blunt bob cut beneath a long blonde wig styled with loose waves and plenty of volume, Ruth looked like a totally different person! The style made her look super glam and a lot younger. It just shows how much of a difference longer hair can make. Ruth showed us that you can rock a super-long change no matter what age you are, too! If you want to follow Ruth’s change and get some extra length yourself then we can help you out. Our real human hair extensions are the perfect way to get the look and we can even find a blend of colours to match Ruth’s or give you a completely custom colour!

Matt’s Leopard Print Shocker

True, Matt Willis of McBusted didn’t actually dance on the show, but he did perform so we still think it counts. Plus, it’s too drastic a style to ignore! Taking to the Strictly stage to perform with his band, Matt debuted his new, statement hair which features a buzz cut dyed blonde with pink and black leopard print. We know... To be honest, we’re all for people getting creative with styles and doing something completely new, so we don’t want to knock it too much, but we can’t say we love it. It’s different, that’s for sure! But different doesn’t always mean good. Although, being in a world famous band makes it more okay, doesn’t it? We’ll leave you to have your own opinion on this one.

Kristina The Blonde Bombshell

Again, we’re being a bit cheeky with this one because it technically wasn’t featured on the dance floor, but we have to include it because it’s so gorgeous! Kristina Rihanoff is one of the professional dancers on Strictly who’s been a loyal member of the show for years and always looks super glamorous. An image illustrating a blog about real hair extensions and strictly come dancing. The hair style we’ve fallen in love with is one she actually wore last month to the launch of her fashion range. Letting her hair down, Kristina showed off her beautiful platinum locks that shone and seemed to melt into a golden hue towards the ends. Styled down one side of her shoulder, with a cute braid tucking the hair behind one ear, the style was a definite winner! Loose, glam waves finished it off beautifully. This is another style that we can help you to recreate with the use of our range of blonde hair extensions. Just pop into our salon before a night out and we’ll fix you up!

Jonnie Let’s His Hair Down

Great hair isn’t exclusive to the women of Strictly – men often have hair moments that leave even us ladies jealous! One of those said moments happened when Jonnie Peacock of this 2017 series let his man-bun loose and embraced his luscious length. We all swooned. With a simple, blonde cut that he totally rocks, Jonnies hair falls to his shoulders and looks incredible, especially when he’s dancing! We think he should be an inspiration to all men who are thinking about growing their hair longer. Go for it! If you want to get hair that’s worthy of the Strictly dance floor, or perhaps have been inspired by one of the styles we’ve featured here, pop into our Spectrum One salon in Haslingden and we can do it for you! With our real hair extensions and team of skilled hair stylists, any look is possible. If you have any questions about our hair extensions, then just drop us an email – we love helping our customers out so don’t be shy!