Spectrum One Hair X Sophia Hilton for Coca-Cola

by Megan Winstanley


When life gives you lemons, why not let your hair do the talking! Just as our girl Sophia Hilton did for Coca-Cola as they officially relaunched their lemon flavour this month and we were SO excited to be a part of the campaign. So how did it happen, we hear you thinking? Coca-Cola reached out to Sophia, best known for her love of bold hair colours & London’s most fun Not Another Salon found on Brick Lane, to be the face of their new campaign and of course she needed some luxury hair extensions to work with. 

If you didn’t already know, Spectrum One Hair Extensions are made from the highest quality remy hair so they’re perfect for custom colouring to pretty much any colour you could dream of. So we were thrilled to gift Sophia our Vanilla blonde Tape hair extensions so that she could transform her natural locks into a zesty bright yellow GLOW UP! 



The Coca-Cola team came in to convert Not Another Salon into a super vibrant ‘flavour parlour’ for a whole week for press events, influencer visits and for members of the public to experience the fun! Better yet, the salon generously gave out free hair appointments to anyone lucky enough to have visited the Not Another Salon in London that week.. WOW!  


So now let’s talk about all the fun that comes with colouring professional hair extensions and if you’re a hairdresser, how our founder and lead educator Katy Grimshaw likes to do it.

Read on for Katy’s Top Tips on how to master colouring hair correctly and safely and if this is the kind of hair content you love to indulge in, make sure to follow Katy over on Instagram for weekly hair extensions education, amazing transformations and BTS snippets from our Spectrum Academy courses

When colouring hair extensions the first thing that you will need to do is spray the hair evenly with water, as applying colour to dampened hair gives you a more even porosity and an even better saturation. Next you need to brush the hair extensions thoroughly ensuring that there are no knots or tangles, this will distribute the water through the hair making it easier for the colour to penetrate the hair.


Apply half a shade to a shade lighter than your target shade so that  the colour doesn't develop too much and always add a bit of warmth or any gold colour to your colour mix as hair extensions are prone to going ashy when being dyed. 

The next step would be adding the colour, when starting this process you want to start by adding your colour to the top of the hair extensions and carefully making your way down. Then you will turn your hair over and repeat the same steps on the other side to ensure the colour on the hair extensions have been dispersed and saturated evenly all over.

Comb through the hair thoroughly and re apply to any areas if needed, we love to use our Spectrum One All Rounder brush to do this as it evenly separates the hair to ensure no strands have been missed. 

After you have allowed the hair extensions to develop for your preferred amount of time you will then rinse the extensions using a moisture-based paraben and sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, our go-to is our NEW Spectrum One Shampoo & Conditioner.

Finally your last step is to dry the hair extensions on a medium heat and don't forget to add your heat protector generously along with your other hair care necessities.

Some colour fading attributes to always keep in mind to avoid fading your hair extensions colour are prolonged time spent in the sun, under heat such as sun beds or hot environments, the incorrect aftercare and hard water. 


We hope this has inspired you on your own hair colouring journey! Are you ready to give colouring hair extensions a go? You now have your top tips to always keep in mind.

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