Spectrum One Academy: Tape and Weave Online Courses Now Available!

by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe
Are you dreaming of one day owning your own salon? Or, already do and want to boost income and increase your clientele? Or do you work for a well renowned, reputable salon and want to expand your skill set? Well, if you’re going to follow through and turn your dreams into a one-day reality, you’re going to have to start with qualifications - in particular, hair extensions training. After all, hair extensions have become increasingly more popular in modern times. So, people are craving the best looks out there! Naturally, people will choose to take their custom to a salon with highly-qualified hair stylists, won’t they? With that in mind, have you ever looked into becoming more qualified and expanding your skillset? Luckily for you, at Spectrum One, our award-winning Habia endorsed academy has courses to suit all needs. Plus, we’ve just launched our new online tape and weave courses that are proving to be a massive hit! So, keep up with the latest trends and find out exactly how our tape and weave courses can benefit you and your team of stylists. We’ll cover:
  • Why are Qualifications Important?
  • Why Choose Spectrum One Hair Extensions?
  • Our New Tape and Weave Courses

Why are Qualifications Important?

Completing the relevant hair extensions training allows you to have the confidence to carry out the latest trends and styling tips in the real world. You’ll then possess the skills and knowledge to produce amazing results with the best quality hair extensions. Tape and weave extensions are two of the most popular kinds, therefore, you’ll always be on-trend and best positioned to be successful in your salon. As we all know, the hair and beauty industry is all about reputation, right? When customers are looking for the perfect salon for all their extension needs, your good name goes a long way. Word of mouth is crucial and can be trusted a lot more than online reviews. Holding the relevant qualifications gives you that credibility and can be the difference between somebody choosing your salon or your competition. Our hair extensions training provides you with Habia endorsed certificates that can take pride of place in your salon. Plus, you can display them online too. That way, customers will always be in the knowledge that they’re in the most capable of hands. Set yourself aside from the competition and prove you’re a cut above the rest by displaying how you go above and beyond for your clients.

Why Choose Spectrum One?

So, which course is right for you? And how do you go about choosing one to enrol on? At Spectrum One, we’ve got all bases covered. Our award-winning academy is proven to provide students with the perfect educational experience, as well as enjoying the courses and seeing amazing results. You must gel with your course provider when learning and developing new skills. If not, you won’t be as dedicated. If you’re not as committed to the course, then the chances are that you’re not going to do as well as you might’ve hoped. Our tape and weave course offerings are the perfect advanced training course that you could wish for to excel in your field. We don’t settle for anything short of our best - so why should you? At Spectrum One, our team of experts work tirelessly alongside you so that your development and progression is best positioned. If you’re looking for a well-rounded hair extensions training scheme, well that’s exactly what you’ve got. From client care and satisfaction to health and safety and new trends, we offer a wide range of courses for hairstylists of all ability levels to get stuck into. So, if you’re looking for the best way to set your standards and skills ahead of the rest, look no further than undergoing a course provided by us. We know we may sound a little biased, but we’re not! We’re perfectionists in what we do and we believe that we’re at the top of the game in our industry. Don’t just take our word for it either, our educators are all multi-award winning and know what it takes to drive them all-important results that allow you to take your tape and weave treatments to the next level.

Our New Online Tape and Weave Courses

We have brought our Hair Extensions education to the screen. With work life being so busy after COVID, yet services currently being limited with certain Health and Safety regulations, we wanted to offer a brand new online education service that you can learn and complete in your own time. Offering extension services can boost your hourly rate up to 70 percent. So, why have we only just decided to run these online as well as in our training academy? Well, we know how important it is that your clients leave the salon feeling revitalised and brand new. However, if they leave your salon with a dodgy set of tape or weave extensions, they’re going to feel the opposite, aren’t they? If you haven’t got the time to train with us in person and you are at least NVQ Level 2 qualified, then the online training option is best for you!


The first step to learning all about Spectrum One hair and the different styles you can create with perfect weave and tape extension application, is to enrol upon the right course. And good news! It couldn’t be easier for you to get underway with the educational process. Simply go to the site, check the entry requirements and if you meet the criteria add it into your basket. From there, you’ll need to fill in your personal details and complete the payment. For each course and the relevant tool kit, it’s just £390 and £240 without the kit! For the premium value that you’re receiving when studying these courses, we won’t shy away from telling you that’s an absolute bargain.

Online Training

If you’re looking to develop new skills but can’t commit to a full-time course, online training could be the perfect solution for you. It’s convenient and easy to manoeuvre around your busy schedule, so you can fit it in as and when it suits you the most. Access the videos whenever and wherever you like, create your own perfect learning experience! Our videos are led by our amazing team, who’ll teach you all about Spectrum One quality hair extensions and helpful guidance to use in your daily stylings. Plus, helpful in-depth guides and advice that’ll benefit your client jobs and help you run your businesses a lot more efficiently too. We care about the holistic approach, not just one module of your business.

Course Content

Tapes and weaves have quickly become some of the most popular choices in the extension industry. So, this course will cover everything you need to know to help you produce amazing results for the world to see! It’ll cover:
  • In-depth hair extension knowledge. That way, you know how to advise the customer about the best ways of taking care of their extension products.
  • How to conduct the perfect consultation. You’ll then be able to advise your customers with the ideal product for their needs and requirements.
  • Colour matching and different effects. Utilise tape extensions to create unique looks that are the best in the business - including balayage.
  • Application processes. For the ideal application, use our in-depth guidance and how-to videos.
  • Aftercare advice, maintenance and removal. Ensure your customers always know how to keep their set looking fresh and know when it’s time for some well-needed TLC on their extensions.
The courses cover far more than just that too! That was only a small glimpse, for full information, click on the relevant link below:

Get Certified With Spectrum One!

So, as you’ve seen, it’s never been easier to advance your skillset and learn new things. If you want to keep yourself ahead of the competition, keeping up with industry trends is a must! To do this, you need to find a training provider that leads the industry and provides the perfect educational experience to suit your needs. At Spectrum One, we’re dedicated to providing top-standard courses for our academy students to benefit from. That way, they then have the confidence to go out and unleash amazing hair extension styles on their customers and clients in the real world. Once you’re certified, you can display your certification with pride and start performing perfect hair extensions. So, sign up to Spectrum One today and take the first step to learning new skills and developing your career as an industry-leading hair extension specialist!