Sleeping With Hair Extensions In

by Katy Grimshaw

Most of us who wear hair extensions have got the daytime routine down to a T.
However, a few may be guilty of letting our locks run wild during the nocturnal
hours and this can cause all sorts of hair disasters. Not following the correct
bedtime routines can lead to friction, tension and tangling and nobody needs to
spend 20 minutes combing through the birds nest that has gathered from all
that tossing and turning. So, unless you can fan your hair peacock perfect and
lay like broccoli for 8 hours (one for all you Pretty Woman fans), delve into our
top tips for sleeping with Hair Extensions in.

Can You Sleep With Any Type Of
Extensions In?

There are so many different kinds of hair extensions and some are perfectly
fine to sleep in whilst others have to be removed before getting into bed.
Professional ranges of hair extensions such as I-Tips, Nanos, Tapes and
Weaves that are produced using human hair can be slept in because these
methods have all been expertly put in to the head and each method is applied
in a specific way so that weight is evenly distributed on the natural hair,
therefore limiting tension.

Any type of hair extension that involves a clip-in such as ponies and one pieces,
you should avoid sleeping in. These types of extensions are usually synthetic
which tangle a lot easier than natural hair. They are also specifically designed to
be put in a certain areas and are normally quite weighty (to give you instant
thickness and volume) so although they are great for enhancing your night out
look, if left in, can cause excess tension and friction leaving both your extensions
tangled and natural hair suffering. It is best to brush these through and hang
them up ready for your next wear.

Another no-no is sleeping with wet extensions in. Wet hair overnight can cause
severe tangling and knots and can massively damage your hair extensions!

Long Hair Extensions

If you have opted for long locks, try to avoid sleeping with a high ponytail in.
Pulling your hair back like this overnight can tug on finer hairs around the
perimeter of the head and therefore again can increase tension causing
damage. We recommend first of all to brush through your hair to ensure
there is no tangling and also inspect your roots, especially if you wear I-Tips
or Nanos, to ensure your bonds aren’t tangled. After this, move your hair
round to one side and loosely braid your hair. Having your braid at the side is
comfier to sleep on and your hair isn’t rubbing as much on your pillow
when you wriggle around.

Short Hair Extensions

If your extensions are too short to plait into a side braid, after brushing, go for
a loose side ponytail instead. To keep your hair super tangle free, fold your
ponytail under and secure so that your ends are protected.

One More Tip

A silk pillow! Oh yes, treat your mane to one of these babies. The smooth
surface of this material massively reduces frizz and tangles when you move
around so is a great investment if you are serious about looking after your
extensions the best you can. Silk also has cooling capabilities and can reduce
creases in your face which inevitably leads to wrinkles...winner winner!

We got you!

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hair. x

1. PHOTO: Spectrum One Hair Extensions

2. PHOTO: Instagram Sarah Marie Nagel @hollistichabits