Single vs Double Weft Hair Extensions: Which is Better Quality?

by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe
When choosing the perfect weft hair extensions that suit your hair type and overall style, you must make the right choice. But why? Well, choosing the wrong type of hair can leave you with an undesired look that you’re not happy with and your style will look completely off should you get it wrong. That’s why it’s important to know the differences between single and double weft hair extensions. After all, investing in a fresh set of hair extensions can be quite expensive so you’re going to want all the value for money that you can get, right? Rather than being left with a product that doesn’t suit you and leave you needing to reinvest. If you’re not sure of the differences between the various weft hair extensions types - don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This post will highlight everything you need to know about them and will help you make a smarter decision when it comes to buying the ideal set. We’ll cover:
  • What Are Weft Hair Extensions?
  • What Are Single Weft Hair Extensions?
  • What Are Double Weft Hair Extensions?
  • The Verdict: Which is Better Quality?

What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Simply speaking, a hair weft is made up of various strands of hair that’s sewn to a cloth or ribbon material to form the weft. This type of hair extensions have become increasingly popular in recent times and are known to be very versatile. A lot of people prefer weft hair extensions due to having them semi-permanently fitted by a professional in a salon. That way, you can take away all the fuss of having to bother with clip-ins every day. However, that doesn’t mean they’re a walk in the park to look after. Unlike clip-ins, you can’t just take them out if you’re not feeling the look or need to give them a little bit of love to brighten their appearance. Oh no. It’s a bit more hard work than that. Trust us though, they are worth it and when worn and looked after properly give a gorgeous glossy finish to many hairstyles. People tend to choose weft hair extensions because of the full and thick-bodied end result. People with weaves are advised to visit the salon every 6 weeks to have their set tightened and every 12 weeks for a refit. By doing so, you’re keeping your weft hair extensions in the best condition possible and may see them last up to 9 months - if not longer. There are 2 main types of weft hair extensions - single or double. So, without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty about them.

What Are Single Weft Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, single weft hair extensions only have one layer of hair to them. With this in mind, the weft will be a lot thinner and will be more beneficial to people not wanting the bulk and weight of a double weave. Some people with thinner hair wouldn’t get the desired look and may be left underwhelmed with the impact boost that these have on their haircut. Single weft extensions are incredibly popular with modern trends - after all, it’s the standard thickness that hair extensions usually come in. The hairs used are varied, which creates a much more natural look for the user. By this, we mean that the lengths are a mixture of long and short. That way, there’s a more typical layered look to somebody’s haircut and it’s not obviously artificial. Each strand of hair has a different growth rate, which means that each strand of hair will be a different length. That’s why single weft hair extensions are increasingly popular. Hair stays thick and prominent around the scalp and top of the head, yet tapers off nicely into a lovely finish towards the ends at the bottom. Plus, they’re often cheaper than double, triple or even quadruple weft hair extensions. If you’re looking for a super-voluptuous finish, you may be a little let down by a single weft. Especially for those customers looking for an ultra-glamorous look. As there’s only a single weft of hair, it lacks the deep layers to add volume. However, single wefts are still more than capable of looking amazing!

What Are Double Weft Hair Extensions?

Whereas single wefts are renowned for their various length hairs, the shorter hairs are replaced with thicker and longer hairs in double wefts. Spectrum One Hair Weaves are all double drawn. That means they’re the perfect choice for ladies and guys who like to go for an all-out glamorous look and add serious volume to a hairstyle. Double weft hair extensions are thick from root to tip. If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve a full-bodied look with your hair, then look no further. A double or triple weft is a perfect choice for you. As the extensions are so thick, it means that you won’t have to purchase as many strands as you would if you were buying single wefts - meaning less maintenance and more convenience - win-win! While you may be saving time with less maintenance and a more convenient choice, double weft hair extensions are more expensive than single wefts. Quite simply, you’re getting more hair than a single weft, so it’s bound to be more. As they’re a lot thicker, they’re heavier in weight. That means that while you may get fewer strands, you’re still getting more hair.

The Verdict: Which is Better Quality?

Quality is always something that you should look out for when purchasing weft hair extensions. After all, you’re spending your hard-earned cash on looking good, you don’t want to waste your money on a naff set, right? That’s not going to impress at all. Before you can take quality into account though, you need to find the right set for you. Wearing the wrong weft can leave your look unfinished and undesirable. We at Spectrum One actually prefer a double or triple weft because we love the voluminous finish. Our 14” weaves are generally double sewn and our longer 20” and 24” are triple sewn to give you the fullest and thickest look. For a jaw-droppingly glamorous and full-bodied hairstyle, double weft hair extensions are definitely the right choice for you. Quality will differ from brand to brand, so you need to be switched on when investing in your hair extensions. At Spectrum One, we’re passionate about all things hair extensions and are dedicated to providing you with the best quality products. Plus, our expert team is always on hand with helpful tips and guidance on how you can get the most out of them. All of our products are 100 percent luxury human hair and they’re virgin before they are dyed. We can ensure that only the best quality is used in our products. And that’s because we care - all of our customers are always extremely satisfied with the overall experience when dealing with us.

Choose Spectrum One For Your Hair Extension Needs

So, as you’ve just read, there’s a stark difference between single and double weft hair extensions. You need to make sure that you choose the right product to suit your needs and requirements. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t rush into the decision and end up with a set that you don’t like or suit. It can be pretty daunting when looking for the perfect set of hair extensions - we know. That’s why we’re always on hand to help our customers. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch right away. Our expert team is always on hand to alleviate any worries that you may have! We’re looking forward to speaking to you in advance and helping you make the right decision on the perfect product.