Romantic Valentines Hair Styles for Long Hair

by Elicia McManus
With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we’re sure you have something special planned. Be it going out with someone special, or getting together with your mates (who needs dates?!), you’re going to want to look like an absolute babe of course! So with love in the hair, oops air, we were thinking what long hairstyles are the most romantic? We are thinking effortless, slightly messy, sexy? Like you haven’t tried too hard when of course you’ve spent hours getting ready! To give you a hand looking gorgeous, here are our top three romantic styles for valentine’s day!

Cute Curls

If you are going out on a ‘date date’, how about rocking classic curls? Perfect paired with a little black dress, this cute and flirty hairstyle is guaranteed to catch the eye of Mr Right. If you want your hair to have a more relaxed or casual curl, curl it the day before your date to give the curls time to relax.

valentines hair styles from Spectrum One hair extensions

Side Braid

So you’re off out on that hot date, it’s last minute and you haven’t had time to wash your hair! What to do? Sexy side braid to the rescue! This style actually works better on second and third-day hair, so just use a touch of dry shampoo on your roots, and get braiding! A side braid is also the perfect way to keep long hair away from your face; you want your date to notice how amazing you're looking after all!

valentines hair styles from Spectrum One hair extensions

Bed Hair

Last but not least, our favourite style, a romantic classic; the ‘I just got out of bed, sexy hair’ look. Perfect for a cosy date night at home, or a night out - long, voluminous, textured hair, screams ‘look at me’. If you are a little lacking in volume or length, our clip in hair extensions will give you the boost you’re looking for. There are several ways to achieve this look, you could try braiding your hair overnight and leaving the plaits to do their work. 

valentines hair styles from Spectrum One hair extensions

Hair Extensions From Spectrum One

If you think you could benefit from some gorgeous hair extensions this Valentine’s Day, drop us an email at Spectrum One and let us know. We have our very own range of high-quality, affordable extensions that are worn by our local girls and celebrities alike! We’re also trained in hair extension application, so we can give you the style you want and make it look absolutely natural. Plus we can advise you on the best aftercare products for hair extensions, so your mane keeps looking gorgeous for longer. Our team’s super friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!