Real Hair vs Synthetic Hair-What Is The Best Option For You?

by Emily Grimshaw

Ok so now that you know how to tell the difference between real human hair
and synthetic hair (check out our last blog if you need to catch up), let us help
you figure out what type of hair extensions are the best option for you. There
are lots of pros and cons for each type of hair and which you pick can be
influenced by a number of factors including your lifestyle and bank balance.

Real Human Hair Pros

If you want a glorious mane 24/7 then you might want to consider real human
hair. This type lasts so much longer than synthetic hair (Spectrum One Hair can
last nine months plus if worn everyday). Human hair of good quality looks miles
more natural blended with your own hair. Seamless colour blends can be
achieved as well as varied effects (e.g. a balayage or highlights) because different
tones can be used together. Natural hair is also a lot softer than synthetic hair so
it shouldn’t feel any different when you run your fingers through. The icing on the
cake of real hair is its versatility and durability. Natural hair comes in a range of
methods for example Tapes, Wefts and I-Tips so depending on your hair type,
there’s a method to suit you. It can be worn in many different styles and washed
and styled just like your own hair!

The Downside Of Real Human Hair?

The good stuff is expensive! Expect to pay £300 plus for a full head of good quality
human hair. It also has to be applied by a professional. Please do not try and stick
in 150 I-Tips by yourself unless you want to look like a hedgehog. Regular maintenance
is also necessary. If you do not use the correct after care products, wear your hair
correctly at night, or don’t pop into the salon on time when that tighten or refit is due,
professional hair may not be the best option for you. Another point to make is that
real human hair colour, just like your own can fade over time, so your extensions may
have to be toned over time to maintain that gorgeous colour.

Synthetic Hair Pros And Cons

Synthetic hair is soooo much cheaper. You would expect the quality to be pants but
actually in recent years, synthetic hair production has massively improved, and strands
can feel silky smooth. Granted it’s never going to be as realistic as human hair but what
do you expect for £30 a pop on average? The great thing about this hair is that you can
achieve that full, glam look in seconds by yourself. No lengthy salon visits or high
maintenance issues. Synthetic hair is normally clipped in in minutes and if you get a
decent colour match, you can’t really tell the difference, especially when you are off out
which is when most clip in hair is worn. For those who cannot be bothered with the
constant feel of extensions in and like to switch up their look (synthetic hair comes in
so many different styles and colours; watch out for our Power Pony, Halo Piece and
Top Pony coming this Christmas) then synthetic hair is the one for you.

The Flipside…

Synthetic hair doesn’t look as real as natural hair and if not put in properly and the
colour match isn’t great then you could look like a two-tone tragedy. This type of hair
is really hard to be styled which is why it comes pre-styled. So if you aren’t great at
waving or curling your natural hair, the end result might not look the best. If you wear
your clip ins a lot you, your piece won’t last very long. It can matt a quickly and won’t
last long if you wash and style it a lot (many synthetic hair pieces cannot be restyled
with heat although Spectrum Synthetic Hair can have up to 180 degrees heat on,
however we wouldn’t advise against using regular heat on them). The final possibly
irritating factor of clip ins is the distribution of weight on the natural hair. As synthetic
hair is heavy and applied in certain areas, it can feel heavy and pull on your hair which
is another reason why synthetic hair cannot be worn permanently.

The Verdict?

It totally depends on what you are after. For a more natural permanent look, feel and
an investment in your style, opt for real hair. For a quick fix, cheap and low maintenance
glam up then look out for our brand-new amazing Spectrum One Synthetic range
coming this December, just in time for your Christmas look! Keep an eye out on our
insta #spectrumonehairextensions for our Synthetic launch date.