Nano Tips Have Landed At Spectrum One!

by Emily Grimshaw

Last week saw the launch (finally!) of our Nano Hair Extensions.
We have been working so hard behind the scenes to ensure our
Nanos are absolutely perfect, and we couldn’t be prouder to have
launched them.

We’ve had so many questions about what Nanos are, and how
they are different to other hair extensions. So let’s get to it!

Nano hair extensions are a fantastic method, especially for those
with finer hair because the individual bonds are light and flexible
so don't pull the hair. They are also so versatile so can be used to
achieve lots of different results from adding a bit of thickness around
the sides to creating luscious length using more packs.

The process of fitting nanos involved placing individual strands
to small sections of hair, and then securing them with a tiny
metal (copper) nano ring. The main advantage of Nanos is that
they are incredibly small, and blend almost seamlessly into your
own hair. Ours are Keratin bonded for extra strength and finished
with a transparent silicon tip which fits flat to the head and is
super flexible.

Model wears 20" Nanos in Brunette, Chestnut, Hazel and Hazel and Vanilla

As always, we’ve done things the Spectrum way, and we’ve ensure
that we offer our Nanos in all of our most popular colours. This
means that we can match our Nanos to your exact hair colour or
blend in different colours to create gorgeous natural and seamless

What’s great about Nanos too is that they do not require heat or
glue to secure them, meaning they will be kinder and gentle on your
hair. Of course, we cannot stress the importance of ensuring that
our Nanos are fitted, maintained and removed by our amazing
stylists at Spectrum One.

Ready to discover more about Nanos? Drop us an email, or call
the salon to make your consultation appointment or we can find
you a Spectrum One stockist near you!

We can’t wait to see you!