London Fashion Week Hair Special

by Elicia McManus
As another London Fashion Week (LFW) finishes, the models step out of their heels, the paps put down their cameras and London’s left with a severe fashion hangover. For a week, we’re bombarded with the latest of everything in fashion, from designers to fashion trends to make-up, and that leaves the city feeling pretty overwhelmed in the aftermath! To help us get over this style-info-overload, we thought we needed to take a proper look at the hair trends of this year’s LFW and note down everything we can remember. It’s also great help for any of you guys and girls who want to know the trends but can’t be bothered to go and scour the pictures to work out what’s what. Don’t say we haven’t got your best interests at heart!

Move Over Dirty Blonde, Platinum’s in Town

Platinum feels like regular blondes edgier, older sister, and this LFW it was back with a bang. The statement hair colour was seen both on the catwalk and out on the streets themselves, from Topshop Unique’s runway to Kate Foley wandering in the city, platinum was everywhere. The trend actually began in New York, with Kim Kardashian rocking platinum locks in her super long hair extensions. Didn’t she look jaw-droppingly amazing? Platinum’s a great colour for a lot of people, both pale and tanned, and can instantly turn a lass or lad from shabby to chic in a matter of seconds (well… minutes).

A Lion’s Mane for a Fierce Lady

The bigger the better featured prominently at LFW, with voluminous hair bouncing all over the shows! The look seen on catwalks for Marques’ Almeida, Simone Rocha and many others featured a brushed out, puffed up curl with just enough frizz to give some oomph without looking like a mess. woman's face with curl hair for Spectrum One blog on hair Extensions If you have naturally curly hair, this is your time to shine! Grab some volumizing shampoo and a big old can of hairspray, brush out your natural curls, flip your head over and give those roots a proper fluffing to add extra volume. If you’re hair isn’t naturally curly, just add some coils using a curling wand. Simple! This style needs a whole lot of hair to work, so don’t be afraid to add hair extensions. They don’t need to be long hair extensions but just to add that extra volume that’ll give you that can’t-be-tamed lioness mane.

Simple and Low

The ponytail was back and this time things are getting real simple. A sleek, low ponytail loosely tide at the nape of the neck and falling down in relaxed waves, tight curls or dead straight was the look of choice. Beautiful, elegant and timeless! Any of you short haired ladies could simply add in some hair extensions to a low pony to achieve the same look. Hair Extensions Lancashire specialists Spectrum One give tips on the best ways to accessorise long hair extensions. We loved the low ponytails at Erdem, which were super romantic with a gentle, pinned curl and cute little bow. Notable faces who were seen sporting the look included FKA Twigs, Kenya Hunt and Daisy Lowe. We’re not surprised so many ladies opted for this simple style when fashion week is so notoriously manic! It certainly will have allowed them a few more minutes beauty sleep in the morning.

Intricate Braids for Casual Elegance

One of the most understated yet beautiful looks we saw this fashion week were little braids and knots incorporated into styles. Whether it was intricately pinned curls or twists of small plaits, the use of classic evening styles but done on a much smaller scale was super gorgeous! hair with intricate plait for hair extensions retailer Spectrum One Hair Preen by Thornton Bregazzi used thin braids and loose plaits pinned into relaxed curls as an accessory to straight hair, Bora Aksu had trails of plaits pinned haphazardly to create an alternative up-do and Emporio Armani had little romantic knots pinned round to the back of straight hair, replicating the look of roses. These certainly won’t have been the easiest looks to create (we can only imagine the frustration of the stylists with all those intricate details!) but they were stunning and totally worth the effort.

Wet Look Splashes Back into Fashion

The wet look is quite a controversial one. It’s the hair equivalent of marmite; you either love it or absolutely despise it and grimace every time it makes a return. If you fall into the latter category, you will have been cringing your way around LFW! The wet, slick look was seen all over the place, from Prabal Gurung to Jason Wu and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi to Alberta Ferretti. This wasn’t just a little bit damp either, this was full on ‘just stepped out of the shower’ wet. The ultimate I woke up like this look. Most of the hairstyles were slicked straight back from the forehead, with clips making for some cool and quirky accessories. Though Alberta Ferretti’s look had more of a natural wave with loose, wet curls falling around the face and chunky clips holding back the rest. It might not be an everyday look, but it’s certainly one that makes an impact!

Feel Inspired?

If you’ve been inspired by any of these looks and want our team to help you recreate it, just drop us an email and we’ll do the rest! We can help you find the hair extensions you need to pull off your look from our wide range of products and book you in for a styling session with our professionally trained team. Simple!