International Women's Day: Women Supporting Women

by Elicia McManus
If you noticed that social media went all girl power yesterday, you wouldn’t be the only one! It was fab seeing so many positive, female-focused stories and it’s all thanks to International Women’s Day (IWD). As a very female orientated business, we thought we would weigh in with our thoughts!

#PressforProgress On International Women's Day

Katy Grimshaw is shown teaching a class on hair extensions International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of all things great and female! Held on March 8th, the scheme recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. The beginnings of IWD might be a bit of a mystery, but today it’s acknowledged worldwide and there are loads of ways you can take action for yourself and on behalf of your sisters! The theme of this year’s campaign, #PressforProgress aims to bring attention to the fact that in many areas, us girls still don’t have the same privileges that men have. We’re still underrepresented in areas like politics and the technology industry, and there still exists a big gap between salary differences. So in addition to highlighting amazing female achievements, the bigger picture is all about making sure we are on an equal footing with the guys.

Women Supporting Women

Now, we aren’t normally ones to get all political, but we did take a step back yesterday to reflect on the fact that Spectrum One certainly has a lot to shout about in terms of what we do for empowering women! If you don’t already know our story (where have you been?!) - let us remind you that we were founded by one feisty and fabulous female entrepreneur; Katy Grimshaw.Picture of Katy Grimshaw founder of Spectrum One Hair Extensions Starting her career in hair at just 15 years old, Katy embodies what it means to be an independent and successful woman. She’s an award-winning hairdresser who has travelled all over the world to work with some of the biggest names and magazines in the fashion industry. Being the entrepreneur that she is, Katy not only created Spectrum One Hair Extensions when she saw a gap in the market for premium hair extensions but she also opened, and totally bossed, a luxurious hair salon in Lancashire. As a business, we are super proud not only of our very own girl boss but of the way we pass on skills and knowledge to other budding entrepreneurs via our Academy Training. Spectrum One deliver the highest level of training and education for hair professionals, enabling them to either enrich their own salons with new services or set their own businesses up installing our real human hair extensions. Not only do Spectrum One want other women to succeed in this industry, but we want to give them the skills to go and do just that. In addition, we also have our own fabulous in-house team, all of whom receive the highest level of training and support to accomplish their goals. Talk about women supporting women eh!

Just Hair?

a woman is shown wearing long blonde hair extensionsWe would like to think that the products and services we provide are supporting women too. Hair is such an important part of how a woman views herself, it definitely isn’t ‘just hair’. The services we provide enable you lovely lot to go out and face the world looking and feeling your absolute best. If you look good, you feel good. It’s true, no matter what people say, that being happy with your image and the way that you look makes a big difference to your mood and the way that you interact with the world. It’s not about putting on an appearance for others – it’s about looking good for yourself. We all know the feeling of a bad hair day…it makes you feel rubbish! Women are often pressured to look and act a certain way, not only do we think that’s totally not on but we actively encourage women to look how they want to look – for themselves. That’s why Spectrum One exists. We are here to make you girlies feel good about yourselves, no matter what the world says! Happy International Women’s Day!

Spectrum One Hair Extensions

If you’d like to learn more about our quality hair extensions, academy training, or if you have any questions regarding our products, then please drop us an email and get chatting with one of our friendly team. We’re always happy to help! You can contact us in any of the usual ways; by email on by phone on 01706 551770, or why not pop into the salon at 55 Deardengate, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 5QN. We love visitors!