How to Care For Hair Extensions: 5 Top Products

by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe
Choosing the right hair extensions is crucial to perfecting your ideal look - however, you’re not all done once you’ve bought them and had them fitted. If only it was that easy - right? Caring for your hair extensions enhances their look, increases their longevity and makes sure that you’re always looking on point no matter what. A lot of people are under the impression that caring for your extensions is a tedious task - but it really doesn’t have to be. If you’re not sure how to care for hair extensions, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We have teamed up with multi award winning hair extraordinaire Bruno Marcantoni and his amazing brand TAOH (The Art Of Hair) to bring you the best hair care for your extensions. This post will give helpful tips, useful guidance and includes five of our handpicked favourite products for you to try out. We’ll cover:
  • TAOH Argan Oil
  • TAOH Hydrate Shampoo
  • TAOH Hydrate Conditioner
  • TAOH Hydrate Mask
  • TAOH Tanglefree

TAOH Argan Oil

Are you guilty of letting your hair extensions sometimes get a little dry and dull? Well, TAOH Argan Oil is the perfect product for you. Grouped with macadamia and kukui oil, argan oil is the perfect product to restore the shine and gloss of a fresh set. After all, you’re investing your hard-earned money into your hair looking great - the last thing you want is for them not to stand out. For maximum health and moisture, we recommend that you apply the oil twice a day. We know, it can be hard to even remember to do the little things in your day once, but if you want your hair extensions to be in the best condition possible then it’s a small price to pay, isn’t it? Apply a small amount to your hands and run through towel-dried hair or dry hair - focus on the mid-lengths to ends. Our popular TAOH Argan Oil is available in two different sizes - 50ml and 100ml. So, if you’re a regular extension wearer, we recommend that you purchase the larger bottle. After all, the more you buy, the more you save! Plus, if you’re using it religiously twice a day, it’ll save you the need of ordering again, won’t it?

TAOH Hydrate Shampoo

To ensure that your hair extensions last as long as they possibly can, you need to shampoo them. But you can’t use any old shampoo on them - oh no, that’s a fast track ticket to ruining your fresh set. TAOH Hydrate Shampoo is the perfect product to use on your extensions. Firstly, like all of our products, it’s paraben and sulphate free, meaning that it’s totally harmless to your extensions. This is rule number one in the proverbial book of how to care for hair extensions - all products used NEED to be paraben and sulphate free and low in protein too. But why? Well, the chemicals are incredibly harmful to the hair and can quickly ruin them. By shampooing your extensions every other day - using the right products, of course, you’re injecting the most life into your set. Keep your extensions looking voluptuous and feeling healthy. Nobody wants to be walking around with a set of dead and unhealthy hair extensions in, do they? Absolutely not - and you don’t have to either with this amazing product.

TAOH Hydrate Conditioner

Just as it’s important to shampoo your extensions, don’t forget to condition them too! Conditioning your Spectrum One hair extensions ensures that they’re always hydrated and healthy - meaning that you can be confident that your extensions are in the perfect condition and your look is always on point. Our popular TAOH Hydrate Conditioner is the perfect product for you to use after you’ve shampooed. It’s made of the three richest plant oils for maximum hydration - coconut, babassu and argan. Each of these oils targets the individual fibres within your hair extensions, so you can be sure that every strand of hair will be covered and left looking and feeling fab. Throughout the TAOH product range, no animal testing is commissioned and no harmful proteins are used either. You can and SHOULD put your trust in these products. If you want the best products for hair extensions aftercare, then look no further. There’s a reason why these are so popular throughout the industry - with the general public and professionals in the trade too.

TAOH Hydrate Mask

Hair masks are ideal for rejuvenating your extensions - they’re so refreshing and can leave you with the confidence that your set is in prime condition. In fact, your hair extensions will absolutely love you for applying this mask. It works wonders and is the perfect way to breathe new life into your whole hairstyle - not just the extensions. The TAOH Hydrate Mask is made up of eight amino acids that all dovetail together and creates amazing results. Camellia seed oil, beauty leaf tamanu oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, macadamia oil, kukui oil and camellia oil are the magical ingredients to this hot product. We love this product that much, we’d go as far as saying, if you have hair extensions you NEED to buy this. Seriously. There aren’t many ways that you can inject such health into your hair extensions other than applying this hair mask. The hydration that’s achieved, even from just one application is unreal! This treatment is an instant working treatment and can be left on for 2 to 20 minutes and still have the same effect - great for salon life! Work the mask through damp hair and let it work its magic. Once done, rinse thoroughly and ensure that you’ve got every last bit of product out of your hair. Otherwise, it can be left feeling and looking greasy - which is the exact opposite effect that the mask intends. Again, the TAOH Hydrate Mask is paraben, sulphate and protein-free! No wonder it’s amazing for your extensions.

TAOH Tanglefree

Is there anything more annoying than knots? Not only are they a pain in the neck to comb through and untangle, but they can ruin your whole look and damage your hair if you leave them tangled for lengthy periods. You wouldn’t leave your normal hair tangled, would you? We don’t think so - so treat your extensions with the same care and attention. TAOH Tanglefree is the perfect product to combat knots! Apply it to damp hair and start running your comb through from the ends upwards, preferably with a soft bristle brush to alleviate the knots. Even the toughest knots in the world won’t stand a chance one this product has been used - it’s impressive to say the least. Not only does it remove all knots, but it leaves a glossy and desirable finish too. Again, the product is paraben and sulphate free. Plus, it’s free from animal testing when being developed and made. That way, you know that you’re investing in a product that has the best intentions for your hair extensions and was made in an ethical manner too - for us, that sounds like a good deal all round, right?

Look No Further Than Spectrum One For All Your Hair Extension Needs

So, as you’ve just read, it’s crucial to find the right extensions for you and look after them once you’ve got them. Otherwise, you’ll quickly ruin them and they’ll prove to be a waste of money. Don’t worry about the aftercare, it’s not hard work! All it takes is introducing a few new steps into your beauty regime and you’ll have it cracked. At Spectrum One, we’re experts in all things hair extensions. Whether that’s the hair itself, the aftercare products or just general advice for all of our customers. We care about healthy, glossy and bouncy hair extensions, but most importantly, we care about our customers. So, if you’re stuck in two minds or don’t know what the best product is for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! One of our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions and queries - or alleviate any worries that you may have about your hair extensions aftercare or issues.