How to care for your hair extensions this summer

by Faye Evans
It’s nearly here, the season we all look forward to! I’m sure like us you’ve been daydreaming of beach days, feeling the heat when you first step off the plane, adventures with friends and family in the sunshine.. what’s not to love about summer? 
Well the one thing that we wanted to remind you of is that summer can be really hard on your hair, especially if you wear hair extensions which then comes with a little more daily maintenance. 
Swimming, sunbathing, salt water & sweat just to name a few can all play havoc with your longer locks, leaving your extensions to feel frizzy and your glamorous beach waves can end up in a faded mess. 
Hair Extensions in sea water
Not to fear though as we’re here to remind you of all the important tips to help you best care for your hair extensions as you enjoy the summer season ahead. 
We’re going to cover how to avoid discolouration and how to correct it if your extensions do discolour this summer, the all important Do’s & Don’ts when wearing professional hair extensions and how best to wash all types of hair extensions. So have a scroll, comb through and get ready to take notes! 
.The Do’s & Don’ts 
We love to see how long our Spectrum One hair extensions are lasting for so many of our clients, we’ve seen lots last up to two years or more! Amazing, right!? However this only comes from providing your hair with the very best after care & consistent TLC whilst wearing any application of hair extensions.     

Let’s start with the DON’TS:

  • Always remember NOT to let your hair extensions dry naturally and when using a hair dryer, ensure that plenty of hair protection spray has been applied evenly and that you’re drying your extensions on a low heat. 
  • We always advise to brush your hair before washing and to never wash your extensions in the bath to avoid tangling. Make sure to hold your hair at the root and to use a soft bristle brush or tangle teaser, working your way up to avoid any tension on your extensions.
  • We know how tempting it can be to use dry shampoo in between hair washes but step away from the bottle, especially if you’re wearing tapes as dry shampoo will make them slip.
  • We get asked frequently if you can use Olaplex on your hair extensions and the answer is NO, Olaplex shampoos, conditioners & treatments should NOT be used on your hair extensions. This can lead to the hair shedding, turning very dry, matted and won’t be fixable in getting your long hair back to its original shiny condition. 
DO remember to:
  • Always use a paraben and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, a moisture or colour range is best. Ensure to avoid natural products as they contain too much protein which is bad for your hair extensions along with any volume, repair or protein products.
  • Do dry your hair as soon as it’s been washed, we know it’s tempting but don’t sit and chill with wet hair extensions! To keep your long locks in tip top condition, we highly recommend using a salon bought hair oil on the ends of your hair twice a day.
  • Make sure you’re booked in for your advised refit appointment which varies depending on which type of hair extensions you’re wearing, the stylist fitting your extensions will always let you know when to schedule in your refit booking to ensure your hair is always looking its absolute best.  
How to avoid your hair extensions discolouring
The most important rule we want you all to remember this summer is that when swimming, whether that’s on a beautiful beach in the sea or if you’re a keen swimmer that enjoys going to the pool, do not let chlorine or sea water have any contact with your hair extensions. 
Always ensure that your hair is tied up as high as possible to avoid any nasty hair discolouration. This can also happen if your hair comes into contact with sun creams, moisturisers or fake tans so make sure to be extra careful when applying these products.
For anyone heading off on holiday to a country that has hard water, your hair could turn an orange or pinky colour after washing and we all know that’s not a good look! 
We strongly advise our clients to use the Malibu C range before jetting off on holiday to prep your hair ready for the hard water that you’ll be having to wash your hair extensions in.
How to correct discolouration on your hair extensions with Malibu C
If unfortunately you haven’t yet read up on our Do’s & Don’ts and you’ve noticed some discolouration on your lovely long locks, don’t panic.. our all time favourite Malibu C kit is here to save the day and will get you straight back to your normal hair colour in no time! 
Malibu C offers a hard water wellness kit which is hugely popular as its brilliant formulas instantly removes and prevents hair discolouration, dryness, damage and dullness. Better yet it’s 100% vegan, eco-friendly and all of its products are made from plant based ingredients.
Are you thinking it’s time to stock up on this summer essential? Head to our aftercare page here to shop the Hard Water Wellness kit. We’ve also put together an easy step by step guide that you can follow on how to best use the Malibu C treatment at home. 
Find it here over on our Spectrum One Extensions Instagram and make sure to follow us to be in the know with all our weekly educational videos.
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