Hottest Hair Colours for Autumn

by Hannah Weinhold
When it comes to hair colour, your options are endless. From bright red to deep brown, you can pretty much do whatever you want! You can even do funky things to your colour like ombre, dip dye or turn your hair into every colour of the rainbow. We’re spoilt for choice nowadays! But, with so many options come some very hard decisions. Out of the hundreds of colour choices you can go for, which should you pick? We’ve got a few indecisive guys and girls over here at Spectrum One who can spend hours going back and forth between different colours, so we know your pain! To help you nail your choice this Autumn, we’ve put together our top seasonal choices and the trends of this year to narrow your options a bit and give you some well-needed colour inspo. Check it out!

Make it Frosty

Spectrum One Hair examine the best autumn colours for hair extensions If you’re thinking of going blonde, this Autumn it’s all about platinum. There’s no half-hearted blondes this year; it’s all or nothing! This bright hair look is a great way to add some glow back into Autumn, especially as this year has been pretty dull and grey in the UK so far. Liven things up with a bright, white blonde! It’s also a great look for Christmas so you can keep the same colour for the next few months if you fancy, or maybe do a little ombre with a warmer blonde just to shake things up.

Crazy for Copper

Spectrum One Hair examine the best autumn colours for hair extensions Copper is a definite winner this Autumn, so don’t be afraid to embrace it! It’s quite a fiery, intense colour that’s perfect for you fierce ladies out there who want a total girl-boss hair colour! Either go full on and get a full head of copper or add it into brunette or brown with our human hair extensions for a gorgeous autumnal hue. It’ll warm up dark browns and add a bit more depth if your colour’s looking a little dull.

Warm Chocolate Has Us Melting

Spectrum One Hair examine the best autumn colours for hair extensions Take brown to a new, sultry level with a warm chocolate look. This colour will have people drooling before you! Well, maybe not drooling right in your face, that doesn’t sound very nice, but you get what we mean. Warm chocolate is great for brown haired girls who just want a subtle change for a bit more va-va-voom, or for those ladies who fancy giving a whole new shade a go but don’t want to be too crazy. Be warned though, it’ll having you craving chocolate 24/7!

Things Are Getting Bold

Spectrum One Hair examine the best autumn colours for hair extensions Gone are the days of light, pastel pinks and purples; it’s getting bold in here. Liven up the dark nights of autumn with a bold, colourful look! Whether you’re a girl who fancies a vibrant red or perhaps a more gothic blue (it is nearly Halloween after all), don’t do anything by halves this autumn. Get a bright, bold shade all over and be sure to stand out from the crowds! It’s certainly a way to make a statement.

Blonde on Blonde on Blonde

Spectrum One Hair examine the best autumn colours for hair extensions Another blonde we’re loving this autumn is the multi-tonal, warmer shades – pretty much the complete opposite of platinum! By combining multiple shades of blonde extensions and weaving them artfully into a blonde base of hair, you can create a beautiful colour with a whole lot of depth. For you curly haired lasses, you can even use these varying shades to create a technique known as strobing (not to be confused with the highlighting technique of the same name), which places light and dark tones artfully to let your curls to bounce and dance! The results of hair strobing are gorgeous and should totally be taken advantage of.

We Can Sort Your Colour for You

You might have noticed that we’re a little passionate about hair colour (was it that obvious?), which means that we take the whole thing very seriously. When it comes to your extensions, we want to make sure you get the perfect colour. This is why we specialise in hair extension colour care. We can help you with colour swatches and matches to get your perfect shade of extensions and will be happy to custom colour your hair into whichever shade you fancy. We can then insert your extensions to show off your new colours and tones at their best, so that you leave our salon with hair that pops! If you’re interested in changing up your colour this autumn with our Spectrum One real human hair extensions then get in touch with us to book in – but be quick, our appointments are going super-fast at the moment! If you have any questions about our salon, services or products then drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.