The Hottest Hair From The 2018 Golden Globes

by Elicia McManus
Our favourites stars black outfits were rightly front and centre on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year, but we couldn’t help but notice everyone’s gorgeous hairstyles too. Here are some of the hottest hair moments from the 2018 Golden Globes.

Our Favourite Picks

golden globes 2018 hair Loose Gentle Waves both Jessica Chastain and Margo Robbie sported gorgeous loose waves, kept neat with a side parting and one side swept behind the ear. This is a classic look which is never going to date or go out of style. It's also an ideal look for anyone who has hair extensions fitted because it's an easy style to achieve and won't cause too much stress on your extensions bonds. All you need to finish this look is a statement pair of earrings and a bold red lip. Beautiful!
Super Sleek golden globes 2018 hair Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and Alicia Vikander went for really simple sleek up-dos. Maybe a slightly unusual choice for the red carpet, but to be honest, we're feeling it! Millie went for a cute top knot, whilst Alicia parted hers down the middle and gathered it into a low bun at the back of her neck. Keeping your hair simple really accentuates your features and is a fuss-free way to enjoy your night out without worrying about your hair too much. Just remember, if you have hair extensions, you need to to be careful with hairstyles like this as gathering your hair backwards can expose bonds. Alicia's middle-parted style is a safer option. Messy Bobs Our two absolute favourites of the night have got to be Kendall Jenner and Dove Cameron (you might recognise Dove if you've got kids - she stars in several Disney Channel shows). Both of them are sporting layered shoulder length bobs at the moment, on the night of the Golden Globes they both messed their hair up a little, for an 'I just woke up looking this good' look! Kendall's hair is a little bit more relaxed, while Dove added a slight wave to hers. We approve! You can use hair extensions to add volume to short hair - extensions aren't just for length! If you have a shoulder length cut which could do with a little bit of oomph, then why not try some Spectrum One clip in hair extensions?

Why Was Everyone Dressed in Black?

This blog is about hair extensions as that’s what we do, but on a deeper level, we give women the means to empower themselves by choosing how they look. That’s why we couldn’t blog about the Golden Globes and ignore why all the women were dressed in black. it’s important to discuss what was unusual about this year’s award ceremony. In light of the sexual misconduct allegations, women in Hollywood joined by millions of others from around the globe started the #metoo movement last year, that has now been joined by the new TIMESUP initiative. It was unofficially agreed that all women at this year’s Golden Globes would wear black, as a mark of solidarity and to bring worldwide attention to TIMESUP. The TIMESUP legal defence fund is a US scheme, but if you are based in the UK and need assistance or advice on harassment or discrimination of any kind at work, please contact Citizens Advice. For anyone who has ever suffered from sexual abuse or harassment, This Morning put together a great resource here, full of helplines and organisations that you can contact. Never be afraid to speak out ladies and carry on expressing yourselves the way you choose to! Love from the Spectrum One Team.

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