Hangover Hair; Quick Styles For Rushed Mornings

by Elicia McManus
With Christmas just around the corner, it can be pretty impossible to dodge those mid-week ‘quick drinks’, that somehow turn into an all nighter! No matter what your before bed routine is, if you’ve had a late night, it can be pretty hard to get out of the house looking and feeling good! When you’ve hit the snooze button four times already, seem to have lost your purse and feel like death, you’re going to need some pretty quick fixes for your hair. There is no time, repeat, no time for washing and drying right now! You can forget the straighteners too. Here are three quick styles and a couple of products to help you look less walk of shame, and more stride of pride.

Prep It

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Your hair either does one of two things in the morning, depending on how you sleep. You will either wake up with hair flatter than a sheet of A4, or a frizzy bouffant. Seen as neither of these looks great, you are going to need a little magical help from some products. If you are in the flat hair camp, say hello to your new best friend: dry shampoo. Apply dry shampoo to your lifeless locks, tip your head upside down and gently brush out your hair. Voila! You will have enough life restored to your hair to last you until the end of the day. Dry shampoo will also help neutralise any smells in your hair. Now with your hair smelling and feeling reasonable, you can whip together a quick style before you grab your coffee and make a dash for the door.

Style It

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Messy Bun The ultimate lazy girl hair and a lifesaver when you have hair extensions. A messy bun is supposed to look, well, messy – but not dragged through a bush messy. You want to look like you are effortlessly cool, not like an actual lazy girl. A messy bun is forgiving on hair extensions as you will find it quite easy to hide your bonds, as the hair shouldn’t be tightly scraped back. Side Braid Even minus a hangover, a side braid is a pretty way to wear your hair when you are in rush. Again – just keep it quite loose, for that ‘I woke up looking this great’ look. It’s a personal preference too, but we think the end of a braid looks a little bit more polished, when you don’t have an obvious hair elastic securing it. Find some hair ties to match your own hair colour. High Pony A messy high pony tail can look great, especially if you have very thick hair. To stop your pony looking severe, make sure you have plenty of volume at the roots and aren’t pulling your hair back too tight. Finish the look by wrapping a piece of hair around the base of the pony tail, this helps give a classic hair style a more ‘finished’ look.

Spectrum One Hair

We hope some of our tips were useful for your morning rush, if all else fails and you really don’t have time to fix you hair…we are totally loving this faux fur beret from Forever 21! If you would like any advice on styling hair, hair extensions or want to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to give us a call 01706 551770 – we’ve got your back!