How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions This Winter

by Elicia McManus
Yes ladies, it’s that time of year again, winter is on its way. Gone are the days of reclining on a sandy beach whilst drinking endless Mojitos and long, warm nights of laughter and fun. Say hello to being cold and staying in 24/7 with a mug of tea as your only companion. Anyone up for buying us tickets to somewhere hot? Anyone…? Of course, we’re being dramatic (what’s new) – winter isn’t all that bad! It’s a super cosy time of year when you can start wearing your favourite jumpers again and mulled wine becomes a socially acceptable drink. Plus, it means Christmas is on its way! Oops, did we just say that out loud? We know, it’s far too early. But winter does of course mean that the weather gets colder, drier and a pain for hair extensions. To help you girls out, we’ve put together our full-proof Spectrum One guide to coming out the other side of winter with the same luscious locks as you went in with. It is possible!

Switch Up Your Shampoo

With the cold air arriving and bitter winds picking up, winter has a knack of draining all moisture from hair and extensions. It’s incredibly annoying and, if you don’t combat its effects, it can end up leaving you looking more than a little dishevelled by the time March rolls around. So, first things first, it’s time to change up your shampoo and conditioner. Switch your lightweight summer go-to’s for something with a bit more oomph where moisture’s concerned. 

Use a Weekly Hair Treatment

Switching up your shampoo and conditioner is a great start but, more often than not, your hair’s going to need even more moisture when winter rolls around. To keep your hair extensions bouncy and full of life, try using a hair treatment once a week. This can help to lock in moisture and prevent or repair any damage done.
An image illustrating a blog explaining how to take good care of hair extensions this winter Photo: @dazzlensparkle1
We have a whole bunch to choose from at Spectrum One! If you’re hair’s already in pretty bad shape, check out our full range of products to see all our hair treatments and find one that’s perfect for you.

Don’t Get Super Hot

With the weather outside being so downright frightful (oh no, we’re already referencing Christmas songs and its only October – what hope is there for us?), it can be tempting to get in a nice, steaming shower at the end of the day. A perfect way to warm up! But in fact, those hot showers can be terrible not only for your skin but your hair extensions, too. It can cause them to really dry out along with the rest of your hair, leaving everything looking a bit dull and brittle. This definitely isn’t what you want! An image illustrating a blog explaining how to take good care of hair extensions this winter So, avoid turning the dial up to steaming hot when the days get colder, it’s not going to do your hair any long-term good. If you really can’t resist it then at least wear a shower cap and turn it down when you’re washing your hair. Please! We can’t bear to see our extensions destroyed by boiling water.

Keep Frizz at Bay

Not only does the winter weather have an annoying habit of making hair super frizzy and static, but so do the clothes we wear. Big woolly jumpers, knitted scarfs and beanie hats are not good for your hair extensions! We don’t mean they’ll damage it, but they will leave it half a foot up in the air. Tame frizz and static with a good oil, which you should keep in your handbag at all times, just in case of emergencies. The Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Micromist is perfect for taming wild hair, leaving it smooth and sleek no matter how much knitwear you’re subjecting it to! A big woolly jumper is a must during cold winter days, so don’t make frizz put you off. Just be prepared and you’ll be totally fine.

Use Heat Protection

We don’t know about you, but we definitely don’t let our hair dry naturally so often in winter. In summer, it’s easy – just relax in the sun and wait for it to dry! But in winter, it’s far too cold to be walking around with damp hair. This is why we usually end up using more heat such as hair dryers during winter and, as we all know, this can be so bad for your hair and hair extensions. An image illustrating a blog explaining how to take good care of hair extensions this winter Take the proper precautions and use heat protection. This’ll prevent damage and leave your hair looking healthy and nourished for longer! Now you’re all prepared for the arrival of winter! Of course, it is only October so you still have a bit of time to get stocked up on all these essentials, but we think starting early is always best. It’s not worth risking the health of your hair extensions by leaving everything until the last minute! If you have any questions about looking after your hair extensions then please do ask our team. We love to help our customers and know exactly what our hair extensions need to look their best, so we’re the best guys and girls to go to for advice!