Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Emily Grimshaw

Let’s take a minute

We hairdressers love what we do. Not only do help in making you look and feel fabulous,
we get to have a right good chin wag whilst we are attending to your locks. Our job role
covers everything from hair expert to agony aunt. No wonder we need our Spectrum One
Extensions in, we would have nowhere to hide our secrets otherwise!

On a serious note, we spend a lot of time tending to you guys and girls and we care about
you all. So next time we are together, let’s take a minute to address a serious issue that we
are sure most have been affected by or will be in some point in your lives, Breast Cancer.

  • Breast Cancer amounts to one third of all cancers in women
  • One person every 10 minutes gets Breast Cancer
  • One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her lifetime
  • 400 men are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year
  • The five-year survival rate for Breast Cancer has increased from 50% to 80% in
    the last 40 years

Do you know your


You know your boobs or pecs (yes boys, we are talking to you too) more than anyone
else so make sure that you are checking them regularly. Look out for:

  • Changes in skin texture, e.g. Puckering or dimpling
  • Swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone
  • Lumps or thickening
  • If you have a constant pain in your breast or armpit
  • Nipple discharge
  • A sudden change in size or shape
  • Nipple inversion and changes in direction
  • A rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area

If you discover any of these unusual symptoms make sure that you contact your doctor
and get yourself looked after. The following website links are amazing for more detail
about what to check for, what to do if you do find something unusual, if you need
emotional support or if you want to find out more about what you can do to help to raise
awareness of Breast Cancer.

We care and we are here if you need us! Love Team Spectrum x