The Biggest Hair Stories of Celebrity Big Brother 2017

by Hannah Weinhold
After another series of laughs, tears and downright drama, last week we bid a sad farewell to Celebrity Big Brother (well, for now at least). Are we the only ones fe ring our saloneling a gaping hole in our evening routines? We’ve been kind of lost with what to do with ourselves, resorting to watching endless videos of Gemma Collins’ funniest moments online… over and over again. We just miss it so much! Well, enough is enough. We’ve finally decided that we need to come to terms that the series has ended, and what better way to do that than with a rundown of all the best hair-related moments that graced our TV screens? Buckle in ladies and gents, we’ve got some treats in store for you!

Paul’s Wild Wig Mystery

This was a definite highlight of the series and left us hair stylists literally rolling on the floor laughing. What was up with Paul’s hair? You know what we’re talking about – in that episode where Sarah Harding and Jemma Lucy went for each other’s throats (again) and Paul was sitting outside in the smoking area. Well, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ll happily go into more detail. Paul Danan was sitting outside with what appeared to be a dark brown, slightly curly birds nest propped on top of his head. Or at least that’s what we thought it was until we realised that, nope, it was actually his hair. What a state! Check out these snaps of the sight on OK Magazine’s website. You really have to see it to understand what we’re talking about. The thing probably added 5 inches to his height! We weren’t the only ones who noticed. A whole lot of viewers spotted the hilarious barnet, taking to Twitter to express their delight, horror and downright confusion at the sight. Some even questioned whether Paul was in fact wearing a wig – the jury’s still out on that one!

Bianca’s Extreme Hair Extensions

When it came to hair extensions in the CBB house, Bianca Gascoigne ruled the game. Her blonde, ‘mermaid’ hair was to die for! Needless to say, there was some serious hair envy going on at the salon and we’re expecting an influx of girls wanting our super-long, extra blonde extensions. We’ve got them all stocked and ready to go! We were even more excited when Bianca spilled the secrets on how she gets such long, luscious hair, saying ‘I never hide the fact that I’ve got hair extensions’. Good on you girl! Embrace that faux length and rock it. We even discovered that she certainly doesn’t skimp on her locks, using virgin hair (not treated in any way) that comes from Russian women on a specific type of diet. To say they’re fancy hair extensions is an understatement! Whether those things actually make a difference or if it’s all just a bit of a gimmick is something we’ll have to find out, but we have no doubt our Spectrum One extensions look just as gorgeous and are probably far more than half the price.

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Sarah’s 90’s Fail

Another hairstyle that caused a stir amongst viewers was Sarah’s 90’s up-do. There were mixed reviews from the Twitter critics. A few did love the look, giving her props for doing something a bit different and transporting us all back to two decades ago. A lot, however, seemed thoroughly disturbed by the style – and some even downright angry! We all know how Twitter gets. The style itself was made up of a tight, high bun with two sections of hair pulled out at the front of her head, framing either side of her face. We wouldn’t say it was horrific, but it may not have been the best look we saw in the series (that’s polite talk for ‘it was pretty bad’).

Gemma’s Frazzled Extension

We loved Gemma. Her angry outbursts, her diva antics and the fact she was totally, unashamedly herself. She’s everything you want in a CBB contestant! The nation clearly shared the same view as she’s become a social media sensation since the series finished, with clips of her funniest bits all over timelines and news feeds. One clip that stands out to us is that legendary diary room chat about her frazzled extensions. Gemma chokes up as she talks about how her expensive hair extensions have been ruined by the house because they only have straighteners, not heated rollers, and as everyone knows “Straighteners are what f****** weirdos use on their hair.” We won’t be offering ours to Gemma anytime soon then!

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Images illustrating Spectrum One Hair’s favourite hair related moments from Celeb Big Brother 2017. There were many, many other great hair moments throughout the series, but we’d be here all day if we went through them all (although would that be so bad?). If you have a favourite CBB hair story you want to tell us about, or any other realty show for that matter, get in touch with our team! We love to have a good laugh whilst we work. You can also drop us an email or ring our salon with any questions about our own hair extensions – and, yes, we can recreate Bianca’s mermaid hair!