All About Up-Do's

by Emily Grimshaw

First things first - did you know that we sell our very own range of synthetic hair pieces?
Available in a Halo, Top Pony, and Pony style, these hairpieces are the perfect way to take
your hair from drab to glam in seconds! We offer them all in 11 different colours too;
meaning we have something suitable for every hair shade. Simply follow our ‘how-to’
guide on our website, and achieve your dream hair in seconds! Alternatively, you can
come into the salon, and let us do the hard work!





Wedding season is here, and parties are BACK! So why not be
extra AF, and get your hair done in a beautiful up-do for your
next occasion? Whether you are more into sophisticated braided
bun hairstyles, intricate knots or quick casual up-dos, our stylists
at Spectrum will be able to work their magic. Welcome: the world
of hair up-dos is waiting for you!

Chunky Braid Up-do

Up-do’s don’t mean you hair has to be super sleek and stuck in
place - it can also be casual! Take this French Braid update for
instance. It looks totally cool and effortless, and can even be
dressed up with accessories for a formal affair.

Baby Bouffant

Who remembers the days when we would clip back the front of
our hair as high as possible? Well, Bouffants have got a little trendier
since, and are a great way of adding some extra volume and height
to your hair. We love how this hairstyle is super sophisticated,
but isn’t overly formal either!



French Twist

Polished and impeccably put together, we just LOVE a French Twist!

Messy Bun

Who doesn’t love a messy bun? Leave this one to us, and we’ll make
your hair look flirty of feminine.

Diagonal Braid

A cute diagonal dutch braid is the short version of Elsa’s hair.
With a wide braid across the back of your head, you’ll feel like
a princess. The looseness helps keep the style casual, but it’s
formal enough to wear even to a wedding!


There’s nothing classier than a Chignon bun. Super elegant and
simple, this hairstyle is great for those who want their hair to look
timeless but tidy.

Ready for your Spectrum up-do transformation? Make your
appointment babe - we’re ready and waiting to give you the up-do
of your dreams!