3 reasons why hair extensions are a must for Brides this Summer

by Meda Raubutaite
We’re officially halfway through the bridal season! Whether this is the year that you become a bride or you're newly engaged, one thing for sure is... wedding planning can be a handful. Your Pinterest boards may be brimming full of ideas for your big day, from the dress you'll be walking down the aisle in, table decorations, invitation designs and not to mention the all important hairstyle inspiration you’ll be gathering lots of. 
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Bringing all your visions to life can be time consuming and at times a tad stressful, especially with such a large amount of inspiration already out there! So we’re here to help you with one of the biggest stresses a bride may face.. "How should I have my wedding hair!?" Hair extensions could be the answer to your worries that you may have never considered. Let us tell you why: 
  • Hair extensions are great for adding volume  
  • Hair extensions allow any of your dream hairstyles come to life 
  • They will last you to your honeymoon and beyond


If these reasons have got you considering hair extensions, whether that be luxury professional hair, human hair clip ins or synthetic clip ins then keep on reading. 

Hair extensions add volume 

.If you're planning on wearing your hair down on your big day, whether that be in effortless bohemian loose waves, ultra sleek and straight or braided half up half down looks finished with beautiful accessories. 

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You will no doubt want your hair to look super thick and full of life from root to tip and this is where our double drawn, remy hair extensions come into play. Adding just one pack of our luxury tape extensions is the perfect way to help thicken out your face frame, any wispy side areas and to achieve an overall fuller effect. 
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For hairstyles such as buns and thick loose braids, adding a couple of our 50g weft extension pieces will help achieve the ultimate thickness to your hair from root to tip. Whilst thicker hair can help elevate a gorgeous glam look that you’ll be wanting to achieve, it also serves a more practical purpose for brides, allowing your veil to rest securely on your head.  

.Hair extensions allow your dream hairstyles to come to life 

Have you had your eye on any intricate hairstyles? These looks may feature mini braids and twists but you’re not sure if you can achieve such a hairstyle with your natural hair. If so, our Nano and I-Tip hair extensions are here to save the day! 
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Our professional Nano hair extensions are perfect for a client who loves a natural look and  wants to wear their hair in multiple styles as our Nano silicone tip allows for 360° flexibility. Not only are they the most discreet hair extension method but they are the best method for  intricate hairstyles. 
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When wearing Nanos or I-Tips you’ll be able to achieve any hairstyle you like, whilst being able to enjoy the extra volume and length from hair extensions.. the best of both worlds! 

They will last you to your honeymoon and beyond 

The best reason for investing in professional hair extensions for your big day is that they will last you beyond your wedding day, meaning you will have beautiful hair throughout your honeymoon and into many newly wed months to come.
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Our Spectrum One professional hair extensions lasts a minimum of nine months with the correct aftercare. However, it is essential that the application is fitted correctly and that all of the correct aftercare advice given to you by your hair stylist is followed to maintain gorgeous long locks. 
Many of our Spectrum One clients boast of wearing our professional hair for well over twelve months, some have even had their hair last up to two or three years! The excellent quality and durability of our luxury hair speaks for itself, it’s five star rated for a reason and we love more than anything to hear all of your feedback and reviews.
We hope our top three reasons to invest in hair extensions this summer has been a good place to start your bridal hair research. Discover our professional hair extensions here in 30+ bespoke colours and four popular applications. 
If you wear Spectrum One Hair extensions for your big day or any other summer occasion, make sure to keep us tagged on Instagram or TikTok. We love to see all of your tags of how you wear and style your favourite hair!