Take Care Of Your Hair

by Rachel Weinhold
It’s only right that you’d want to spend a bit of time looking after your hair extensions; after all, you’ve just spent your hard-earned money on them and they do look fabulous! That’s why a lot of our customers are concerned about after care. We understand that you’re not sure how to keep your real hair extensions looking gorgeous without causing damage. Do you need the same products you would use on your normal hair? Is there anything you should avoid? These are all very sensible questions that you should be asking about your hair care routine. And it’s better to ask us than not know and ruin your luscious locks! That’s why we’ve finally had the sense to put together a post that clears all these kinds of queries up for you. So here it is: your go-to-guide for all things hair extension after care. So listen up!

Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to what you wash your hair and hair extensions with, a lot of hair salons may tell you it doesn’t matter. We don’t agree. We think that, even if you don’t have extensions, you should always take care when buying shampoo and conditioner, to make sure you get the specific hair product that’s right for your hair. It’s the basics of proper care. For girls with extensions, especially if your hair is coloured, we always advise using a shampoo and conditioner designed purposefully for that.  Hair Care Products, Bamboo Hair Care, Caviar Hair Care, Olaplex Hair Care, Bamboo, Caviar, Olaplex, Ten, Ten Hair Care, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Masque, Hair Repair Products, Real Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions If your hair and real hair extensions aren’t coloured with dyes, then go for something that’s rich in moisture, such as Caviar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. As long as you use something nourishing and gentle that isn’t packed with chemicals, we’ll give it a thumbs up.

More on Hydration

If you’ve got extensions, then you should never be able to get enough of moisture rich hair care products! Your extensions may become dry very quickly if you don’t look after them well enough. Products such as cheap shampoo and conditioner, along with heated styling tools and even too much time spent in the sun, can all leave your ends begging for hydration. To prevent that crisp, charred look that is never in fashion, we would always suggest adding some additional products to your weekly routine. We have quite the range on our website.
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Damage Control

If you’ve been too harsh with the heat or OTT with chemicals and fear you may have caused some serious damage to your hair and extensions, then why not give them a restorative boost .
Of course, the smart thing to do would be to work to prevent hair damage before it actually happens, by stocking up on products such as Caviar Perfect Iron Spray. This’ll keep your strands protected from heat up to 232 degrees Celsius, meaning you can blow-dry, straighten and curl your hair as much as you want! Just remember to use those moisture-restoring products too, because even with heat protection your extensions may become a little dry.

Whilst You Sleep

Remember the golden rule Sleeping Beauty; never go to bed with wet extensions. All this does is promote tangles and encourage matting, which you definitely want to avoid! We also recommend plaiting your extensions overnight too, to avoid an unfathomable tangle of bed-hair in the morning. A little bit of pre-slumber care goes a long way! And when brushing, always remember to be as gentle as possible, so as not to rip out your precious extensions. Brush from the ends, slowly moving your way up and removing any knots as you go until you reach the root. Make sure you take your time and be patient to gently work out any tangles, because a heavy hand could lead to the end of your lovely luscious extensions, which would just be too tragic.

What To Avoid

To prevent damage to your hair extensions, including colour fading, matting and hair that’s dry and brittle, we suggest never allowing your hair to come into contact with salt water and chlorine. That means no under-water swimming for you, ladies – even on holiday! It’s also a good idea not to spend too much time under strong sun rays, as this can cause extreme colour fading. So, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, or are jetting off to sunnier climes, you will definitely want to invest in a stylish hat. It’s the best excuse you’ve ever had!

Get In Touch

When it comes to looking after your gorgeous new real hair extensions, we really do recommend taking extra-precautions to ensure they stay looking fresh and help them last longer. But to be fair, as you can see, it’s really not that hard! Just use the right products and know what your extensions need - and definitely don’t need - and you’ll be fine. And don’t forget, if you have any questions about looking after your extensions that we haven’t covered here, feel free to get in touch with our team – no matter the question, even if you think it’s really silly! We’re always happy to help, so please ask away.