Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy Sachets


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Just arrived are Malibu C Hard Water Welness Remedy Sachets!

If bought you will get 12 sachets per box bought.

If you have gone on holiday, been to an area with hard water and you’re extensions have turned brassy Malibu C Hard Water Remedy sachets:

  • naturally removes hard water deposits and impurities leaving hair instantly softer, shinier and full of swing
  • eliminates brassiness, discoloration and damage caused by mineral absorption
  • vitamin-infused formula deeply penetrates for superior moisture retention
  • 100% Vegan, ionic food-grade, wellness ingredients
  • immediately improves the look and feel of hair

Please be reassured: the extensions have not changed colour, there is just a build-up of minerals clinging to the hair, which the sachets will remove & return your hair extensions to their original colour.


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