Beach Blonde Tape Hair Extensions


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Beach Blonde Tapes…

We’re just the gift that keeps on giving, you asked for Beach Blonde Tapes and here they are!!

Just arrived in 16″ and 20″  Beach Blonde Tapes are here.

Our 16″ tapes are 40g (2.5g per tape) consisting of 16 pieces of hair or 8 sandwiches.

Our 20″ tapes are 42g (3g per tape) consisting of 14 pieces of hair or 7 sandwiches.

Our 24″ tapes are 48g (3g per tape) consisting of 16 pieces of hair or 8 sandwiches.

We recommend 1/2 packs for adding thickness to hair or 3/4 packs for a full head to add thickness & length.

Our extensions will last around 9 months with the correct aftercare or longer if the hair is treated well & looked after properly. Please see our do’s and dont’s sheets for more info.

If you are a retail customer and would like to have our extensions fitted please contact our salon on 01706 216808 or go to our website where one of our lovely team will be happy to help you. You can book in for a free consultation to discuss what options would be the best for you and they will help you achieve your hair goals.


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