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Spectrum One Hair will need to be rotated as advised by your stylist depending on the application system you have. As Spectrum One hair is 100% human hair your extensions will be reusable time and time again if aftercare instruction are followed correctly. Your stylist will offer a rotation service in which all extensions will be removed and refitted.

Yes All of our hair is double drawn meaning all extensions are the same thickness from root to top, cuticle correct and 100% Human Hair of the highest quality.

Yes all of our hair is 100% human and has been ethically sourced. No artificial or animal hair is used in our extensions meaning they are natural to look and feel as well as long-lasting.

We do not recommend swimming with Spectrum Tapes. When swimming with weft or itip hair we always advise to cover hair in conditioner prior to protect the hair from chlorine damage. Always wash and dry hair immediately after swimming never leave your bonds wet for a period of time.

Never apply home dye’s or toners to your hair extensions. Any colouring or toning should be carried out by a professional. Never use anything over a 4% when colouring, never apply a permanent colour to the extensions. Ensure all colour is thoroughly rinsed and treatment applied afterwards. Never bleach or high lift tint extensions and do not apply any colour or products to the tip of the hair. Please note if extensions are toned or coloured they are no longer covered under Spectrum One’s guarantee policy.

Yes, hair can be worn up but we do not recommend to wear hair up high as this will create tension to your own hair and may cause damage, we recommend to wear hair in a mid to low pony tail or plait.

No, there is no heat, fusion or damage to your own hair with Spectrum One Extensions. Providing your stylist is a Spectrum One Qualified stylist and all after care steps are followed. Hair should never be left in longer than recommended as this will cause damage to your own hair.