The Hair And Beauty Trends Shaping Autumn/Fall-Winter 2020

by Emily Grimshaw
Let's shut the door on the nondescript Summer (thanks to you know what), look forwards and get bold to face what lies ahead! A switch up can do wonders for the mind and body and it doesn’t matter if that get together or night out on the town has to be put on hold for a while, you owe it to yourself to look and feel fabulous.

So what is going on this Autumn/Fall-Winter?

From big blow-dry glam-up to bold liner, it is time to delve into the best three hair and beauty trends that are not holding back for anyone or anything this autumn and give you some top tips on how to achieve them.

1.All About The Bob

There are so many types of bob hair cuts to ponder over; Shaggy crops, solid shapes, 90’s throwback and flicked out bobs. Whatever the form, this super chic hairstyle is so in for 2020. We know that a chopping off that summer beach hair can be a daunting prospect, but we just love a bob! Believe it or not, most people suit this versatile and low maintenance hairstyle and depending on your hair type or the shape of your face, you can wave it up, mess it up, give it some bounce or go super blunt with bangs. You lovelies with thinner/finer hair may want to get a few layers cut in to add volume to your bob (and some Spectrum One I-Tips to thicken out that front) or, if you’re blessed with thick strands, opting for a choppy chin length inverted bob could be the one for you. No doubt your hairdresser will know the length and style of the bob that will suit you best. This style would look great with….natural radiance! Freshening dull skin is needed at this time of year. Vamp up the glow on your cheeks bones, eyebrow bones and cupid's bow with highlighter.

2.Blow Dry Glam Up

Hanging onto your long locks? Then voluminous hair is everything this fall. Oh that feeling that you get when you skip out of the salon swishing that big bouncy hair around for all to see. Well if you aren’t getting those weekly blows in as much anymore then here’s how to achieve that look at home. No extensions? Opt for a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (remember-only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. There is no chance you can create that big hair with greasy roots! After washing, spray some volumising spray to the roots and volume mousse to your mid lengths to ends (we love everything TAOH in products). Dry your hair upside down until nearly dry. Flip it back, add some rollers to the top few sections (leave them in as long as you can) and use a large round bristle brush to smooth through the rest of your hair (make sure to pull up rather than down when drying these sections) Adding extensions into your hair will no doubt give you that extra thickness and volume. Two packs of Spectrum One Tapes or Three packs of I-Tips will add good volume and thickness and if you are going all out, our Spectrum One Weave is for you! Blow-drying your extensions is slightly different to natural hair….actually its pretty much the opposite in places. You cannot use volume shampoo or conditioner on your hair extensions. A lightweight colour or moisture product works great with extensions. You can still pop your top sections in rollers when you are nearly dry but we recommend using a Hot Tools Volumiser brush or a Dyson air wrap for amazing bouncy results. Team this up with….dark lips. Dark and Autumn go together like wine and cheese. You will be sure to turn heads with this hair and lip combo!

3.The Power Pony

Last but not least…the infamous power pony. Keep it sleek and wear it high or low. Whatever you are in the mood for! After washing, smoothen your hair down with blow-dry balm (We love Joico K-Pak Smoothing Balm). Blow dry on the coolest setting and in the direction of the ponytail. Use TAOH Oil to smoothen your hair at the ends after blow-drying. Work the hair back with a dressing out brush and tie in with an elastic. If your natural hair pony isn’t quite cutting it then watch out for our power pony pieces coming soon. 90’s bounce, waved or straight-any style will finish off your pony and make you look like a boss! Twin this trend with…Bold Liner. The bolder and more colourful the better. Go all out!

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