Long Is Where It's At Ladies!

by Rachel Weinhold
From the safe-bets to the down-right wacky, we love a good hair trend here at Spectrum One! Layers, side-fringes, dip-dye and glitter roots have all had their turn in the hair styling spotlight, boiling up a storm and, in some cases, creating complete social media takeovers (glitter roots, we’re looking at you!). And there’s been one trend in particular though that’s been catching our eyes lately – and, from the looks of it, we’re not the only ones. Of course, we’re talking about the luscious new lengths long locks are taking as we ditch the bobs and side-eye the shoulder-cuts. Your day is over, short hair! Now it’s time to let length shine.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

It may not sound quite as extreme as pouring glitter onto purple hair or adding little metal rings through plaits and braids, but it’s certainly a trend – and one that we’re totally embracing! When we say long hair, we don’t just mean long, we mean loooonnnggg. We mean, way past the shoulders and down to your bum long. It’s the type of hair that we can imagine a modern-day Rapunzel would most definitely be rocking, whether hidden away in her tower or not! The general look is also dead straight, with not even the smallest of kinks, and a healthy shine that allows for some dazzling hair flicks. So, whip out the coconut oil and slather it on, ladies – things are about to get glossy. We expect this to be a hair trend that sticks with us for longer than some of the fads we’ve seen. Hair length – and certainly one that requires such dedication – isn’t something to move in and out of style too frequently. So, it’s definitely worth paying attention to this one!

Where Did All This Long Hair Come From?

As always, trends have to come from somewhere, don’t they? Either a film, music genre, celebrity icon or even social or political event – every trend can be traced back to its source. So, where’s all this hair come from? Well, there are a few certain celebs who’ve made this style a ‘thing’. It’s hard to pin-point exactly who did it first, but we’d say it was a race between our three main contenders; Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Let’s also take a minute to note Nicki, who completely out-lengths the other two girls (though it’s not a competition, of course!). Nicki often posts snaps on Instagram where her jet-black, dead-straight hair falls below her knees. Now that’s note-worthy length! Though that’s not to say Ariana and Kim don’t also do us proud with their extra-long locks – Ariana’s famous high ponytail sweeps down her back and has become a favourite amongst teens and young adults whilst Kim’s centre-parted, hip length hair has become her signature look, enviously copied by other famous faces. Ariana Grande long hair, hair extensionsWhen it comes to the trends source, it was almost certainly these ladies who rocked it first. Because of their strong personalities and unrivalled success, the look of glossy, straight, long hair has also become synonymous with female empowerment and a sassy attitude as well as style. Can it seriously get any better than that? We don’t think so!

How Can You Get the Look?

Now, you could just grow your hair out but, by our estimations, you’ll probably be waiting about two years before you get the length of these ladies (five years if you’re aiming for Nicki-length) and the general condition of natural hair that long isn’t always the best. Can you imagine the amount of deep conditioner you’d be getting through every week? Make no mistake, not even these celebrity icons have done things the natural way. No, no, no - it’s all about the extensions, girls! The easy way to effortless length, straight perfection and healthy ends. By using extensions to get the length that everyone wants, taking care of your hair will be so much easier than if it was all real, and you don’t have to spend months in awkward stages of hair length before achieving what you want. It just makes sense! Long Hair, Long Hair Extensions, Long Real Hair Extensions, Long Natural Hair, Long Celebrity Hair, Long Hair Trend, Long Hair Trends, Long Straight Hair, Long Wavy Hair And that’s precisely why, here at Spectrum One, we create quality hair extensions made from ethically sourced real hair and treated gently to give the best shine and colour but at prices that everyone can afford. Our expert stylists will fit the extensions discreetly and securely, ensuring that you won’t get any sneaky clips and your new length will look completely natural! You can also order our extensions online if you’re not in the local area, so you don’t have to miss out on your chance to get the look everyone’s raving about. Now aren’t we good to you?!?

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