Spectrum One Guide to Clip In Hair Extensions

by Elicia McManus
Clip in hair extensions remain one of the most popular ways to give your hair instant length and volume, in the comfort of your own home – no professionals required! Clip in hair extensions may seem daunting at first, but with just a teeny bit of practice, you’ll be swishing your voluminous locks around in no time. Here is our guide to clip in hair extensions.

What Are Clip in Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are exactly what they sound like; hair extensions that clip in! Rather than having to visit a salon to have extensions applied in a traditional way, clip in hair extensions can be applied by yourself, at home. Constructed very simply, clip in hair extensions are a length of hair attached to a comb-like clip, which can be clipped into your natural hair to give the appearance of thicker or longer hair. A huge variety of clip ins are available on the market and let's just say that not all hair extensions are created equal! The amount of money you spend and quality of the hair extensions will dramatically affect your final result. For the most natural, seamless look use real human hair extensions. There are multiple benefits to purchasing human hair clip in extensions; you will be able to style the extensions just like you would your own hair, dye them, they’ll last longer, and most importantly, they will look so much better! Is there anything worse than mismatched, synthetic looking hair extensions?!

Who Can Wear Clip In Hair Extensions?

Just about anybody can wear clip-in hair extensions! If you have enough of your own hair to cover the clips, your hair extensions can be tailored to blend in beautifully with your own hair. Clip in hair extensions are used for a variety of reasons as they’re so versatile. Lots of girls wear them because they are less hair to maintain, than a full head of hair extensions. If you have professional hair extensions installed, you have to maintain them at home, which some people just don’t have the time or patience to do. Clip in hair extensions require some care (washing and storing correctly), but a fuss-free alternative to more permanent hair lengthening solutions. Hair extensions can be used if you just want to change up your look at the weekends or for a night out, but are also easy enough to apply that you can wear them daily if you wish. They are also a great option for thinning hair, or for disguising awkward growing out phases.

Clip In Hair Extension Tips

Here are our top five tips for making sure your clip in hair extensions look amazing!
  1. Choose the right colour
One of the most important aspects of buying new clip in hair extensions is ensuring that you get the colour match absolutely dead on. Hair will look unnatural and odd if the extensions are a drastically different colour from your own hair. Remember, hair extensions are meant to enhance your own hair not cover it or change your look completely.
  1. Seamless blending
The key to making sure your clip in extensions are undetectable and look completely natural is to take time to blend them in properly when applying them. You can style your extensions before you put them in, but we find a more natural blended result is achieved if you style them once installed. Whether you curl your hair or straighten it; put the extensions in first and then style them alongside your own hair.
  1. Stop the slip
There is nothing worse than a hair extension slipping down, or falling out. Talk about ruining a night out! To avoid your clip in extensions slipping out, particularly in fine or silky hair, use a teasing brush to gently backcomb your roots. This will give the hair more texture and a better surface for the clips to hang onto.
  1. Length is important
Just as important as matching colour is ensuring your hair extensions are the correct length. It might be tempting to go for long luscious locks, but if your hair is very short, these won't blend well and the difference between your natural hair and extensions will be a dead giveaway. Choose extensions where the longest wefts are only a couple of inches longer than the bulk of your own hair.
  1. See the professionals
Of course, hair extensions are supposed to be low maintenance and help you avoid the salon, but consider getting your extensions cut for the first time with a professional stylist. An initial consultation will set you up with the right shade, length and style of hair extensions. Your stylist can also give you advice on how to put in your clip ins.

Spectrum One Clip In Hair Extensions

If you are looking for hassle-free luscious length then take a look at our range of clip in hair extensions. They use double-drawn human hair to keep the thickness even throughout, ensuring a natural look that’ll have even professionals fooled! If you don’t want to commit to long-term length just yet, or you have a single event that you’d like to look extra-glam for, then these are the perfect option for you. We have a wide range of colours to choose from, but if you’re unsure about your best match then ask our team about our free colour matching service. You can also pop into our salon to ask about clip in hair extensions, we would be happy to help you choose the right ones, help you customise them and show you the ropes! For more information give us a call on 01706 551770 or email us; sales@spectrumonehair.com