Our Recent Awards Success

by Hannah Weinhold
The past month has been super exciting here at Spectrum One, with awards and recognition flying in left, right and centre! We’ve been keeping a lot of our customers updated through our newsletter, but we thought for all of you ladies who haven’t yet signed up (which you should do now to keep up to date), we’d let you know what’s been going on. Spectrum One Salon, award winners

HJ British Hairdressing Business Award Winners!

We’re very, very happy to announce that our little salon has won a national award! On Monday 11th September, we were chosen for the 2017 Salon Design Award at the renowned British Hairdressing Business Awards. How amazing is that? We’re still not over it! The whole evening was incredible. Katy and our Spectrum One guys and girls looked flawless, donning their best evening wear and heading to the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London. The ceremony was hosted by Hairdressers Journal International, who’s very own executive director Jayne Lewis-Orr presented the night along with world-famous comedian Rob Beckett (the one with the even more famous teeth). There were 17 category awards up for grabs, with 800 hairdressers in attendance and everyone who’s anyone in the industry nominated for one of the coveted awards. We were basically sitting amongst hairstylist royalty and the absolute best of the best. To be there was pretty mind-blowing in itself, but to actually win an award? Well, we’ll leave our founder and all-round Girl Boss, Katy, to tell you how we all felt; We are absolutely thrilled to have won our very first industry award at such a prestigious event, especially as this one celebrates the salon itself and the challenging work that was put into making it what it is today. When the presenter read out our name as the winner of the category, myself and the team jumped to our feet – we couldn’t believe it!” Spectrum One Salon, award winners We did literally jump. All of us. There were lots of hugs and laughs and a few shaky hands as we realised what had just happened, and we’re still hugging, laughing and shaking now! So, what does this award mean for the salon? Well, it places us amongst the absolute elite in hairdressing. You can’t just be a ‘normal’ hair salon and win this award; there has to be something about you that makes you stand out. To receive this kind of recognition is something every salon owner in Britain aims for. Our Salon Design Award in particular celebrates the exceedingly beautiful look of our salon – which, if you’ve visited, you’ll know is something to behold! But it also commends the practicality that’s gone into the design, showing that our salon is designed to provide the ultimate experience for our customers and allows us to achieve the best results. We’ve always been very proud about how the Spectrum One salon looks, so to receive this award is truly special.

The It List Awards

Spectrum One Salon, award winners You might remember our post a while back about being nominated for an It List Awards. Well, the ceremony took place on Saturday 9th September, and although unfortunately we didn’t pinch this award, we still had the most incredible time and got to meet some amazing hairdressers and stylists! In the words of Katy, “We didn’t win but it was brilliant!”. Sums it up nicely! We’d love to say a huge congratulations to the very deserving winner Sophia Hilton, who won the entrepreneur category and owns the fabulous ‘Not Another Salon’. She’s a total babe! The other winners were Darcie Harvey of Brooks & Brooks, Michael O’Gorman of Taylor Taylor London, Casey Coleman of Ocean Hairdressing, Ky Wilson of The Social and Rebecca Chang of Salako. Congratulations and a big round of applause to all of you!

Professional Hairdresser

Spectrum One Salon, award winners Our final piece of news is that we were featured in the prestigious Professional Hairdresser magazine. This wasn’t just a little feature as well, we were ranked the 5th most beautiful salon in the country – fifth out of all those salons! What an incredible thing to be able to say! As you can probably imagine, we’re feeling pretty chuffed in our salon right now. We’ve won one of the most prestigious awards the industry gives out, been nominated for another and have been ranked 5th in a renowned magazine. Katy will definitely be popping all of that on her CV! All jokes aside, we do want to take a moment to just say how proud the whole team are at Spectrum One of our leading lady, Katy Grimshaw. She’s built Spectrum One up from rubble, mortar and a big idea and now look at where it is – winning awards and gaining nationwide recognition. Our salon really couldn’t have asked for a better woman at the helm. So, from everyone at the salon and all those who support you, congratulations Katy!

Get in Touch

If you’d like to send your own message of congratulations to Katy, feel free to pop it in an email and we’ll make sure it gets to her! If you’d like to book an appointment at our award-winning salon (that feels good to say), then drop us a line, ring us up or pop in and see us guys and girls in person!