Spectrum One Hair Extensions featured in HJi
Media: Hairdressing Journal Online Date: 23rd June 2017 Reach: 54,000 Monthly Unique Users, 120,000 Average Monthly Page Views URL: https://www.hji.co.uk/british-hairdressing-business-awards/hjs-british-hairdressing-business-awards-2017-finalists/
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From the safe-bets to the down-right wacky, we love a good hair trend here at Spectrum One! Layers, side-fringes, dip-dye and glitter roots have all had their turn in the hair styling spotlight, boiling up a storm and, in some cases, creating complete social media
Spectrum One Hair Extensions Featured in CreativeHead
Media: Creative Head Online Date: 16th June 2017 Reach: 14,266 Monthly Unique Users, 77,030 Average Monthly Page Views URL: http://www.creativeheadmag.com/theitlist/2017-finalists/
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If you know anything about Spectrum One hair extensions, you’ll know we don’t skimp on quality; in fact, it’s our number one priority. For far too many years we’ve seen girls walking around with terrible extensions that are so obvious it hurts, and we just