When our founder Katy Grimshaw first dreamt of opening her own salon, we don’t think even she could’ve imagined the success it would have. Yet, here we are! Spectrum One is a now an established hair salon in Haslingden gaining nationwide recognition (of course, we’re talking about our It List Awards nomination) and continuing to flourish and thrive beyond our wildest dreams!   Our Spectrum One hair extensions, too, have been noticed by those with a keen interest in all things hair. In fact, they’ve actually been spotted on some famous celebrity faces that you may be interested to hear about… 

Hair extensions can be a girls’ salvation. Got an awful chop that’s totally uneven? Hair extensions will help hide it. Gone for shoulder-length and realised you’re totally not about it? Hair extensions to the rescue. There’s no denying that they’re an incredible invention that we really couldn’t live without!   But, as with everything, there are downfalls. Well, not downfalls, but just things to be aware of. That main ‘thing’ is keeping your extensions looking natural. You want people to be totally seduced by that luscious length, not laughing at a bunch of badly hidden clips. 

If, like us here at Spectrum One, you’ve been watching Love Island, then you no doubt will have noticed something that’s leaving most of us pretty baffled. How the hell do the girls stay looking so good in 30-40 degree heat? Their make-up’s perfect, sweat is non-existent and their hair is free of frizz and looking lush. That’s got to be magic, hasn’t it?! 

So, by now you probably know all about our hair extensions at Spectrum One. You know they’re made of double-drawn, ethically sourced human hair that’s gently treated. You also know that they’re expertly applied by our trained stylists for a look that leaves people guessing. You know a lot.   This is all well and good, but recently we’ve been thinking about something you don’t know; the one thing that we haven’t shared with our lovely customers. So, what have we been hiding? Well, let us tell you... 

When it comes to hard work, no one does it better than Spectrum One’s very own Katy Grimshaw! As the founder, owner and all-round hair-genius, she is an invaluable asset to our team of stylists. We don’t know what we’d do without her! Well, Spectrum One wouldn’t exist for starters. Can you imagine that? We can’t.   So, we’ve all been over the moon since her recent nomination for The It List awards! The It List, presented by Creative Head - a top industry publication - is one of the most coveted award ceremonies for young hairdressers in the UK. It’s the Bafta’s of hair, basically, and our Katy's only gone and been nominated for an award! 

It’s only right that you’d want to spend a bit of time looking after your hair extensions; after all, you’ve just spent your hard-earned money on them and they do look fabulous! That’s why a lot of our customers are concerned about after care. We understand that you’re not sure how to keep your real hair extensions looking gorgeous without causing damage. Do you need the same products you would use on your normal hair? Is there anything you should avoid?   These are all very sensible questions that you should be asking about your hair care routine. And it’s better to ask us than not know and ruin your luscious locks! 

From the safe-bets to the down-right wacky, we love a good hair trend here at Spectrum One! Layers, side-fringes, dip-dye and glitter roots have all had their turn in the hair styling spotlight, boiling up a storm and, in some cases, creating complete social media takeovers (glitter roots, we’re looking at you!). And there’s been one trend in particular though that’s been catching our eyes lately – and, from the looks of it, we’re not the only ones. Of course, we’re talking about the luscious new lengths long locks are taking as we ditch the bobs and side-eye the shoulder-cuts. Your day is over, short hair! Now it’s time to let length shine. 

If you know anything about Spectrum One hair extensions, you’ll know we don’t skimp on quality; in fact, it’s our number one priority. For far too many years we’ve seen girls walking around with terrible extensions that are so obvious it hurts, and we just couldn’t stand it any longer! We had to make an affordable, quality alternative.   We knew before we even had the name for our extensions that we would never, ever, use synthetic hair. With years of experience and knowledge, we could see that going fake wasn’t the solution to the ‘bad extensions’ problem sweeping the nation. We were going to have to keep things 100% real.   But why are we so into human hair extensions? Well, let us give you the low-down.